Material on Albania

Large Demonstrations for Enver Hoxha, La Nostra Lotta, 11/98

Interview with Salvation Committee of Vlora, La Nostra Lotta, 6/98

Speech at the Seminar in Brussels, Nexhmije Hoxha, 5/98

Intervention au Séminaire de Bruxelles, Nexhmije Hoxha, 5/98, En Français

Second Interview with Communist Party of Albania, La Nostra Lotta, 5/97

People in Albania have not given up! Emek, 4/97

Letter by Hysni Milloshi to Ludo Martens, 3/97

Carta por Hysni Milloshi a Ludo Martens, 3/97, En Español

Interview with the Communist Party of Albania, La Nostra Lotta, 3/97

Entrevista con el Partido Comunista de Albania, La Nostra Lotta, 3/97, En Español

Interview with Buttafava, Organization for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy, 3/97

Entrevista con Buttafava, Organización por el Partido Comunista
del Proletariado de Italia
, 3/97, En Español

About the Political Situation in Albania, Communist Party of Albania, 3/97

Acerca de la Situación Política en Albania, Partido Comunista de Albania, 3/97, En Español

Destruction in Albania, Roter Morgen, 3/97

Albanian Tragedy, La Forge, 11/94

Letter from Prison of Nexhmije Hoxha, La Forge, 7/92

Short Biography of Enver Hoxha, La Nostra Lotta

Shevqet Peçi: "Hero of the Albanian People", La Nostra Lotta

The Capitalist Character of the Relations of Production in the Soviet Union, Socialist Albania, 7/80

Revisionist "Theories" of Restored Capitalism, Socialist Albania, 3/79

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