From La Nostra Lotta
Organization for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy
May, 1997

Valona - Maggio

Interview with the Communist Party of Albania

"We stand for the revolution and proletarian democracy"

Interview regarding: The obscene propaganda, fascist-style, of the Government of Prodi D'Alema. The reality of the current struggle. The role of imperialism, especially Italian imperialism. War among gangs or gangs hired to oppose the people and the Popular Committees? The line of the newly formed Communist Party. Interview with some of the leaders of the CC of the Communist Party of Albania.

Q. What is the situation in Albania?

A. We are living in one of the darkest times in our history. The line of the renegade Ramiz Alia and then the criminal Berisha have destroyed our industry, agriculture, schools, the state, everything. We are no longer the masters of our country, the economy has collapsed, one third of the population is now abroad, especially the youth, searching for a piece of bread.

The Albanians are physically and psychologically exhausted, we are slaves of the foreigners, deprived of everything; all this is a result of the plans of the American and Italian imperialists, whom Berisha and Fatos Nano serve respectively, who have also stolen the international aid in league with foreign politicians.

Q. The mass media presents the situation in Albania as an anarchic war among gangs. What is the reality?

A. We are facing a process of insurrection that is evolving towards the revolution. The imperialists are frightened of this. Everything will depend on the events and the role of our party, as well as on the international situation, especially in the Balkans.

There are plans for the division of Albania. The foreign intervention has been planned for a long time as a precaution against a possible collapse of the "democratic" regime of Berisha. In the beginning only our Party denounced the intervention; neither the intellectuals nor the other parties were opposed to it. Today, we have on the one side the imperialists, the party of Berisha and the Socialist Party of Fatos Nano, who assert that the Albanians can't govern themselves and that without Europe, Albania can't live; on the other side, we have the people with their committees.

The popular movement began peacefully; then, with the development of the events, the movement was transformed into an armed struggle, when the army and the police delivered the arms to the people. The Socialist Party was called on to form a government in order to divide and isolate the Committees. This government has proved to be a technical instrument of imperialism, anti-popular, anti-patriotic, a clique of robbers and criminals, a mafia state.

Q. What is the Communist Party doing, what is its perspective and what is the perspective for Albania?

A. Our recent history is proving to be a lesson for us. Our Party has passed from the most ferocious illegality to carrying out open propaganda and agitation. In any case the subjective factor was absent and in the beginning we were weak in the north of the country.

The current demands of the 20 Popular Committees are: Down with Berisha and the Elections, which shows the character of this insurrection. Our Party is the party of the proletariat and the people, it works in conditions of illegality as well as in various legal forms, against the government and the puppet state. The Communist Party of Albania has as an objective the overthrow of capitalism by revolutionary means and the expulsion of foreigners. All the work of the Party is focused on strengthening the subjective factor of the masses. Only in case the Party seizes the leadership of the whole movement will the insurrection become a revolution.

We stand against this false democracy; we will participate in these elections in different ways although we know that this is all a farce and that almost all the parties (especially the Democratic and Socialist Party) are parties of the bourgeoisie and imperialism.

We stand for the revolution and proletarian democracy and we are sure of the growing discredit of the Socialists of Fatos Nano and Bashkim Fino.

The speed of developments favors the discrediting of the ideology of the traitors to socialism. Today our Party is growing all over the country, and it is strong in the center and the south. In any case, at this moment the situation is rather complex, serious and dangerous, and open to any internal and international solution. It will not be a brief outcome.

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