Communiqué from the CC of the Communist Party of Albania
March 17, 1997

About the political situation in Albania

The present situation in Albania shows the total economical, political and social crisis caused by the anti-people and anti-national government of Berisha. This shows the development of the "democracy" in Europe and USA, the policy and interference in the future deeds in countries from Eastern Europe. This situation brought absolute poverty and destruction.

As it is known, this rage and explosion of the people came as indignation accumulated during the government of Berisha. This rage and people's explosion were caused by the robbery of the people's money which were in several big firms, "pyramid" organizations: this sum comes to 3 billions dollars.

After that, the ruling Mafia used a great amount of this money to strengthen the regime and the dictatorship, the activity of the Democratic party and to enrich the rulers. Some of the managers of such firms are already in prison, so they cannot tell the truth. The uprising of the people started with peaceful strikes and demonstrations, strikes in which took part students in hunger strike from the towns of Vlora and Girokastra, who were supported by all students and many schools. All the attempts of the regime to suppress the movement led to its spreading all over the country. The state of emergency established by the Parliament of the Democratic party inflamed the people in the towns of Vlora, Ljushna, Fieri, Saranda, Tepelena, Girokastra and the whole of South Albania the people armed themselves and chased away the representatives of the institutions situated in their territory.

The uprising of the people and the sound of arms forced the media and the diplomats of Europe and USA to start to talk about Albania and to think of some political solution of the problem. This forced the president to listen to the opposition, which did not exist for him up to this moment. The opposition, which didn't have the trust of the people was striving to win from that movement of the people, but forgot what the opposition wanted and was looking for the people. And the result came: a compromise between the opposition and the president-bandit along with a signed declaration which do not include the new requests of the rebels: the resignation of the president and the return of the money. The rebels answered that they will not surrender their weapons until their decisions and requests are accepted. The most important thing for them is to be accepted at the round table as a basic opposition force.

After the announcement of this declaration, the opposition and the international diplomats declared it for a great achievement but the people did not accept it and started to capture new towns; Permet, Berat, Skrepar, Kuchova, Ghpamsh... The most important thing in the people's movement are the political requests.

The army and the police joined the people. The only armed forces which supported and still supports Berisha are the armed bands and the special services "SHIC" and two divisions of hired soldiers from Serbia and Kosovo. The ex-military communists who governed the quarters and the council for salvation of the people also take part in these events.

The Communist party and the communists gave orientations about the main slogans and political requests.

As it is well known, the CP worked very hard to organize everything. Of great importance are the revolutionary steps of the people. The rebel shows the power of the people and the rottenness of the fascist regime. The only support of this regime was the imperialist powers.

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