Political Secretariat of the Central Committee of the
Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC(AP)
June 6, 1997

Public Declaration

In support of the historic and heroic struggle of the coal miners we are advancing in the construction of a new and better trade union movement.

* In the first place we salute the coal miners and their proletarian families, who have served and are serving today as such examples of worker and popular dignity and combativity; to them we send our militant and revolutionary solidarity.

* We applaud the combativity, firmness and combative resolution demonstrated on May 5 on confronting and striking back against the bullying police repression ordered by the neo-liberal government of "collaboration." The valiant attitude of these comrades of [the town of] Lota are an example for future mobilizations of the workers and people at the same time as they show in a very bad light the conciliators and hustlers who sell out the trade union aspirations and struggles within the C.U.T. [a trade union organization] itself.

* In support of the just and totally necessary economic demands, one cannot forget that the closing of the coal mines and the lay-off of the miners is taking place in the framework of the global politics of the capitalist state existing in Chile which is a puppet of imperialism, of the direct action of its estates: a) government b) parliament c) judicial power using for its anti-worker, anti-popular and anti-national actions its militarized police forces and carabineers, therefore the present struggle and all popular and worker combat is and must be anti-capitalist and a step towards the democratic, popular and socialist revolution.

* The experience, the gains and the setbacks in the social struggle of the coal miners are first of all their own, and they must evaluate them, but they belong as well to the whole revolutionary and trade union movement of Chile and internationally as well; therefore we call on everyone to study, synthesize and spread them so that they may serve in the development of new worker and popular struggles.

Long Live the Coal Miners!
The Workers Do Not Surrender, But Struggle to Win!

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