Uribe: Pawn of the USA against Venezuela and its Government


Colombia, January of 2005

1. The peoples of Colombia and Venezuela, to the astounded view and the repudiation of the progressive world, are witness to the vulgar and flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, carried out by a covert operation to capture comrade Rodrigo Granda, member of the FARC-EP [Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army – translator’s note].

Just as the attacks of the paramilitary gangs in Venezuela, this covert military action (with its foul rewards) is the final straw for the Venezuelan government and is creating the present conflict between the states. The treacherous action was carried out – as usual – by secret agents of the USA and its allies, recruited from the Public Forces of the two countries. This is part of the counterinsurgency aim of Plan Colombia or the Andean Initiative and its version "Patriots Plan," plans that include the destabilization of the legitimate government of Hugo Chávez for being "an obstacle" to the application of the FTA-FTAA [Free Trade Agreement – Free Trade Area of the Americas – translator’s note] and other colonialist plans of Washington in Latin America, according to recent statements at the UN by Condoleezza Rice, Bush’s new Secretary of State.

2. The communiqué, issued January 14 by the fascist Álvaro Uribe in response to the Caracas government, deserves a resounding rejection by the whole democratic and anti-imperialist forces.

Uribe as the pawn of the Yankee schemes, in his eagerness to control the oil of this fraternal country and to contain the popular upsurge, is copying Bush when he began the barbaric aggression against Iraq. Uribe is creating a pretext to justify the illegal, warlike, anti-democratic, interventionist and colonialist "anti-terrorist" policy of the gringos. This was approved by the open meddling of the ambassador-viceroy in Colombia, William Wood, who supports Uribe and threatens President Hugo Chávez. Chávez government and the social process in his country – together with Cuba – are treated by Washington as part of the so-called "axis of evil," as "nests of terrorists," to justify any aggression of great extent supported in the interventionism ratified by the "Democratic Charter" of the OAS.

But according to the Bogotá communiqué, the State and fascist terrorist policy of the USA is binding on the governments of the world and allows the USA to violate the sovereignty of Venezuela.

3. The multinationals established in the country and the Colombian oligarchy – represented by the economic associations, former presidents and their parties – support Uribe because they are cynically helping the USA to destabilize Chávez at the same time as they reject the suspension of the trade agreements and integration between the two countries declared by the Bolivarian President. The rich want to continue conspiring without failing to enrich themselves from business with Venezuela. They nourish the vain illusion of seeing the disgraced parties of the Venezuelan powerful (AD and COPEI [Democratic Action and Independent political Electoral Committee – translator’s note]) again in government and thus returning to enjoy their corruption. Therefore they supported the "democratic coordination" which came to power in a coup and was defeated after supporting the brief dictatorship of Carmona [referring to the coup that put the head of the Chamber of Commerce, Carmona, in power in April 2002 but was defeated by the Venezuelan people and army after one day – translator’s note].

4. The FARC-EP and the whole insurgency are belligerent forces. They have held negotiations and signed agreements with governments (with Betancur in 1984 and Pastrana in 1999). Democratic governments which practice non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries accept this political-diplomatic fact, and that obliges them to maintain neutrality in the Colombian conflict.

5. We support the democratic and anti-imperialist position of the Venezuelan people and their government. They are defending their dignity in the streets and the countryside and have justly exercised the defense of the sovereignty of their country and the right to popular self-determination. The great majority have ratified Chávez’s mandate with his overwhelming victory in the recall referendum and the local elections, which the government in the White House, and its anti-democratic followers such as Uribe, are trying to minimize or ignore.

The unity between our fraternal peoples is more necessary now than ever, the unity of the progressive, democratic and left-wing forces of our two countries is now a major need.

Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist)
Central Committee

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