From Kommunistisk Politik International
International Bulletin of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)
No. 3, March 2001, Year 2

Anti-Communism Today and the Struggle against It

Anti-Communism is the most unfruitful and least productive ideology capitalism has produced. It was and is the most fundamental trait of Nazism and fascism – that very point where all the other bourgeois ideologies in the epoch of imperialism, despite the praise of pluralism, meet with the sharpest reaction.

From the primitive anti-socialism and anti-Marxism, which met the growing workers' movement, anti-Marxism was developed into a universal system in the course of the 20th century. It has occupied "researchers" and "scientists", writers and propagandists, politicians and intelligence agents, also as a safe way of making a career in bourgeois society.

Nazism and the reactionary American press, such as the Hearst Press, systematized anti-Communist indoctrination, based on major lies, and spread it on a large scale. This was intensified for real in the 1930s in order to counteract the attraction towards socialism at a point in time where the capitalist world was in the deepest economic and political crises ever until then. Many of the anti-Communist myths, which are being presented today, can be directly traced back to that time.

Hitler's dream of German world supremacy failed, but anti-Communism was developed further after the Second World War with its main base in the new imperialist superpower, the US. As "hidden anti-Communism", modern revisionism in the former socialist countries delivered – for example through the attacks on Stalin – invaluable support to the western anti-Communist crusade. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it has not stopped for even one second but has been further increased. Also today, it is true socialism, first and foremost the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, which is the main target.

The anti-Communist crusaders in Denmark and elsewhere are demanding "a final showdown with the crimes of socialism" and setting the stage for criminalizing Communism and Communist activities. In relation to this, there is a creeping "rehabilitation of Nazism", which is being intensified further by the German domineering in the enlargement process of the European Union. But the intense anti-Communist smear campaign after "the fall of socialism" does not just express reactionary revanchism. It is motivated primarily by the attempt to hinder the workers and the peoples from rising in revolutions against imperialism and the New World Order. In this sense, it also expresses the crisis in which they really are.

The struggle against the anti-Communist smear campaign must expose its rotten class character and reactionary purpose, and must be primarily directed in three directions: (1) Refuting the whole system of groundless myths about socialism and the Communists, which is completely based on lies. Therefore, that part of bourgeois research, which is not blurred by blind class hatred, can be used. (2) Exposing the monstrous crimes of capitalism, imperialism, the New World Order and globalisation – from the daily global poverty killings due to hunger and illnesses to the countless victims of the wars and war crimes of imperialism, and (3) Pointing out the real merits of socialism – from overcoming the poverty killings, ensuring a considerable increase in population to defeating the Nazi genocide and supporting the struggles and victories of the workers and peoples in the capitalist countries.

Kommunistisk Politik, No. 2, January 27, 2001

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