March 15, 2001

In Memory of W.B. Bland

With the death of Bill Bland a staunch veteran defender of Marxism-Leninism has passed away.

A British communist since his early years, Comrade Bill Bland was among the first Marxist-Leninists to take up the fight against modern revisionism that developed and spread in the international communist movement, especially since the death of J.V. Stalin. He made original contributions to the analysis of the capitalist degeneration of the former Soviet Union and China.

Bill Bland also defended socialist Albania and the Party of Labour of Albania at the time of the great Marxist-Leninist Enver Hoxha.

Comrade Bland fought with great determination for the recreation of a genuine Marxist-Leninist communist party in Britain, and for the revival of the international communist movement on the sound and solid foundations of scientific socialism and proletarian internationalism.

We shall cherish his memory!

Klaus Riis
Editor, Kommunistisk Politik
Workers' Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

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