Statement of the Workers' Communist Party of Denmark (APK) on the national elections in Denmark on November 20, 2001

Any Real Alternative in the National Elections?

Democratically, it is very doubtful to call national elections to be held at the same date as local elections. Local politics is being completely overshadowed by the scramble for the national parliament seats and the governmental offices. In any case, it is a very effective measure to put the lid on all the local political scandals.

Seldom have the Social Democrats and the opposition been closer to each other than now and the outcome of the national elections is clear no matter who will form the government afterwards: The government will be a reactionary and warlike government. It will lead Denmark deeper into the US global terror war. It will ensure the final transformation of Denmark into a state of the EU with the new EU constitution in 2004. It will also be an anti-worker government, which will make working people pay for the war and the economic crisis that is now developing in Denmark and the rest of the world, benefiting big capital and the multinationals.

Neither Rasmussen nor Rasmussen

The Folketing (Danish national parliament, translator's note) is dominated by two blocs, each headed by their own Prime Minister candidate Rasmussen (the Social Democrat Poul Nyrup Rasmussen and the Liberal Anders Fogh Rasmussen, translator's note).

Both these blocs support the war of the US and NATO against Afghanistan. Both these blocs are in favour of Danish participation in that war. Both support the development of the EU into an imperialist superstate. Both want to abolish the Danish EU opt-outs as soon as possible. Neither of them have an independent foreign policy.

Both blocs will undermine the democratic rights and public security with the new terror law and other laws. Both are fanning the flames of xenophobia. Both will, in one form or another, make the working people, the unemployed and the pensioners pay for the crisis and the war. Both are carrying out competitive biddings and privatisations for the benefit of big capital. Both are slavishly carrying out the directives and domestic policy of the EU.

The real dividing lines of Danish politics are not present in the national parliament or between the "blocs". They run between the majority of the national parliament and the majority of the Danish population on the big questions mentioned above. Even though there is a parliamentary majority in favour of the EU and the EU construction, of the EMU and the euro, and of the terror war and Danish participation in it, there does not exist any massive popular support for this policy. Twice, the parliamentary majorities have lost referendums on EU issues. They would lose a referendum on Danish participation in the war against Afghanistan.

Therefore the APK cannot recommend either the SF or the Unity List

A vote for the Socialist People's Party (SF) or the Unity List (also called the Red-Green Alliance, translator's note) is a vote for the bloc of Social Democratic Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen. They are both supporting parties of a Social Democratic, warlike, pro-EU and anti-social government. They have both been permanent participants in carrying out one reactionary budget of Nyrup Rasmussen after another. They are "critical supporters", yes, but first and foremost supporting parties.

The SF's wavering EU policy and its treachery to the "no" to the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 should not be forgotten, nor the fact that the party supports the US terror war and Danish participation in it.

The Unity List could have placed itself at the head of the resistance of the working class, giving the great majority a parliamentary voice and force against the joint bourgeois, Social Democratic policy. But when the "no" to the euro was a reality, the Unity List began talks with the Nyrup Rasmussen government about a budget being in accordance with the wishes and demands of the EU. And when it was really necessary to oppose the war policy of the US and Nyrup Rasmussen, the Unity List wavered at the decisive moment. As a party supporting the Social Democrats, the Unity List has damaged and is damaging the development of the struggle of the workers and the popular movements.

Therefore, the APK can neither support the Unity List nor the SF. The APK works to create a genuine parliamentary alternative based on the principles of class struggle.

If the US terror war is to be stopped

If the attacks on the democratic rights are to be beaten off

If the transformation of Denmark into a state of the EU is to be hindered

If the burdens of the war and the crisis are to be borne by others than the working people

Then there is only one single option and one choice:

Strengthen the working class and the popular struggle against the reactionary EU policy of crisis and war!

Strengthen the organized struggle outside the parliament!

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