Stop the US War!

Statement of the Workers' Communist Party of Denmark (APK), October 7, 2001

The US has initiated its war against Afghanistan, carrying out massive bombardments of major Afghan cities. They are only after military targets, it is being said, but it is always the civilian populations who are making the greatest sacrifices in modern war. And the lives of millions of Afghans, already living in misery because of previous wars and a failed harvest, are in serious danger.

The US and its allies have chosen the road of war, and not the road of peace. They have chosen to repay the terror bombings on September 11 with more terror affecting more innocent people. The US and its allies are waging a terrorist war in the name of fighting terrorism, not in order to find or bring to justice the culprits of the terror acts in the US, but to conquer Kabul, remove the Taliban regime, and replace it with an American puppet government.

For this, they have dug out a corrupt king and allied with a gang of gangsters and bandits called the Northern Alliance, which is hated by the great majority of Afghans. With the war and a consequent long military occupation of Afghanistan, the US seeks to consolidate its dominant position in the strategically important, oil-rich region.

The US war is an unjust war, an imperialist war. It will not bring the suffering Afghan people any good. No matter what one should think about the Taliban clerical regime, it is not the business of the US government, or any other foreign government, to remove or install an Afghan government.

In this situation, Afghanistan and the Taliban regime are waging a self-defence struggle. It is supported by a large part of the Muslim and Arab world, by the majority of Muslims, except for a handful of bought up and corrupt governments.

By starting this war, the US, instead of ensuring justice as regards the terror bombings according to international law, has violated international law.

The US has chosen a deadly, dangerous road, which can lead to explosions in all the Middle East and South Asia, to a global conflict.

The Danish government has chosen to stand shoulder to shoulder with George Bush and the US. Denmark, too, is part of the US war. Denmark, too, is at war with Afghanistan.

With what right? And for what?

Everywhere in the world, the US war is being met with big demonstrations and protests. Against the powerful US-built war coalition, the peoples must build an even more powerful anti-imperialist peace coalition, which can force through the stopping of the US war.

Stop the US war!

The Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Workers' Communist Party of Denmark (APK)

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