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Let us honor a true representative of the working class

February 24, 1995, is the 7th anniversary of the death of the outstanding workers' leader Justino José del Orbe.

Del Orbe was born in the town of Villa Riva, and from his youth he embraced the idea of struggling for the interests of the worker and peasant classes.

As a result of the Great October Revolution in Russia and the creation of the first socialist state in the world, the ideology of the working class, Marxism-Leninism, took on a world-wide character. The most advanced Dominican workers took up the cry of redemption.

He fought the regime of the dictator Rafael L. Trujillo, for which he suffered in his own flesh 4 years in prison in the Mexico fortress, in San Pedro de Macoris, 2 years in the Ozama fortress in Santo Domingo and then he was confined to Villa Riva.

He was a great organizer of the workers' movement in the country, at the side of Mauricio Baéz, the undisputed leader of the Dominican workers, Teodulo Guerrero Montás, Nando Hernández, Andrés Candelario, Emerito Bobadilla, Juan Brayan, Lico Cruz, Juan A. Niemen, Ramón Grullón, Victor Manuel Ortiz, Antonio Soto, Barbarín Mojica and other outstanding workers' leaders of the epoch.

As well as the development of a vast popular movement organized by Mauricio Baéz, Justino José del Orbe and other comrades, the Trujillo tyranny was uprooted, and important conquests were won in favor of the working class and the people in general.

The social security law, 2) the elimination of the payment of salaries in vouchers and promissory notes, 3) that the Dominican state passed laws in favor of women and child labor, 4) the creation of a national committee to regulate wages, etc.

Justino del Orbe was a founding member of the PSP [Popular Socialist Party] - PCD [Dominican Communist Party], a member of its Central Committee.

The best tribute that can be paid to Justino del Orbe is to continue along the road of socialism and communism, a new society, without exploiters, a society of workers in which men will be brothers to their fellow men.

February 12, 1995, Sto. Domingo
National District, Dom. Rep.

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