Communist Party of Labor [of the Dominican Republic]
Committee in the United States

Press Release

The Regional Committee in the United States of the Communist Party of Labor declared that a treaty of extradition of Dominicans to the United States would constitute an anti-democratic measure that would damage national sovereignty and the interests of freedom.

Andrés Reyes, spokesperson of the Committee of the P.C.T. stated that under the alleged proposal of fighting drug traffic and crime, some anti-national sectors, including the government of Dr. Leonel Fernandez, have expressed an interest in the two countries signing an extradition treaty that would facilitate law and order.

He said that those who think that to oppose extradition is to defend drug trafficking are completely wrong; certainly the mafias are opposed to extradition, but they do this based on their personal interests; that just as any other capitalist, to put out their products they have recourse to illegal acts which are harmful and at times accompanied by a high degree of violence.

"For very different reasons, we revolutionaries are opposed to extradition, because the U.S. justice system is maintained based on its conceptions of national security, which in turn is intended to preserve its hegemony, its interests as a great power, which means to do away with any expressions of freedom and independence," declared the political leader.

Andrés Reyes emphasized the example of the hundreds of Puerto Rican political prisoners in Federal prisons in the U.S. just for opposing the colonial system to which the United States has subjected the Caribbean Island.

Furthermore, he stated, the U.S. justice system does not guarantee impartiality, lacks a moral bases, it has done away with even democratic principles and harms human rights and the right of defense. He emphasized, moreover, the perpetual chains, the racist and class connotations which one sees in the death sentences in those States which have imposed this sentence, or in the caricatures of justice which pile up in the U.S. courts.

Moreover, it is known from experience that the attempts at extradition will fall on those opposed to the U.S. government. It has been the practice of the United States to force the extradition of all those whom they consider here to be a threat to the security of the United States.

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