Hunger Strikes Throughout Ecuador

The Ecuadorian teachers have begun hunger strikes in all the provinces of the country to achieve the fulfillment of their platform of struggle and for the freedom of their 12 detained leaders, among them Aracely Moreno, their national president. In total, more than 300 teachers, parents and students are on hunger strikes throughout the country and the number is growing with new people joining in. In Quito, the teachers took over the Provincial Council to carry out the strike, which includes more than 40 people in that city.

President Noboa has said that "while they are on strike that woman (Aracely Moreno) will not be set free", which is an acceptance of the fact that her arrest is political and has no legal basis, nor does it correspond to the decisions of the Court. Even the Judge of the Third Court states that "he received orders" without making clear from where and he admits that not he cannot charge Aracely for libel since she has parliamentary immunity. The supposed libels are accusations by Aracely Moreno referring to the fact that approval of the so-called Tole Law will directly benefit brothers of the President of the Republic.

International solidarity is necessary to defend the life of the teachers on hunger strike.


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