Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador
Central Committee
January 2000

Manifesto of the PCMLE

The Struggle Against the Continuist Oligarchic Government of Starvation of Noboa Continues

The peoples of Ecuador: the working class, the indigenous people, the youth, the petty merchants, the women, the neighborhood residents, were protagonists of the popular uprising that was aimed at overthrowing the neo-liberal and treacherous government of Jamil Mahuad, the dissolution of the Congress and the reorganization of the Courts. We achieved an important victory, we overthrew Mahuad and advanced significantly towards our objectives.

The popular uprising reached a sizable magnitude to the point that it affected a sector of the officers of the Armed Forces, who went over to the people, strengthening them by creating the National Salvation Committee.

Representative sectors of the Catholic Church close to the people also took part in the uprising.

The Popular Uprising has become a great experience for struggle, unity and mobilization of the Ecuadorian people and their popular organizations, the Congress of the People, the Patriotic Front, the Indigenous Parliaments, the CONAIE [Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador] and other forces. We carried out actions to force Mahuad out together with his anti-popular measures and policies which serve the interests of imperialism and the bourgeoisie. These are great achievements of the popular movement, the massive and militant mobilizations, the strike of oil workers and other sectors, the blocking of highways, the formation of Patriotic Councils of government in various provinces, the seizure of government buildings and the replacement of officials of the neo-liberal regime by democratic people elected in public assemblies.

However, the oligarchy and the military high command under the order of US imperialism and its embassy, have led a conspiracy that overthrew the civic-military Government formed by the CONAIE, officers in mutiny and Dr. Solórzano Constantine, a government that had the support of the Patriotic Front and representative sectors of the peoples of Ecuador.

The alliance of reactionary forces chose Gustavo Noboa as the new President, who has formed an illegitimate, anti-popular government that will carry on with privatization, with the treacherous and anti-national policies of the overthrown government. In his first statements, Noboa has promised to continue with the dollarization of the economy, to insist on neo-liberal economic measures, which just represents a replacement of one oligarchic government by another.

The workers, the indigenous peoples and peasants, the teachers, the youth, the democratic men and women committed to social change, must express our resolute and active opposition to this regime which will only bring more exploitation and oppression, more hunger and misery to the majority of the people.

The Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador calls on all popular and democratic forces, to continue the fight against this government, raising the following principal banners of struggle:

Our Party has full confidence that the peoples of Ecuador will carry on with their tireless struggle to establish their own power by revolutionary means, which will be able to build a new Ecuador without exploitation, just and educated in solidarity. We call on the working class and popular forces, the Patriotic Front, the Congress of the People, the indigenous parliaments, the CONAIE and other indigenous and peasant organizations, all the social forces interested in social change to persist in the struggle, to strengthen unity, to consolidate our organizations, to persist in the path of anti-imperialist, anti-oligarchic fight and against the continuist regime of starvation. To continue our struggle, by all means, for the establishment of Popular Power, the only guarantee of achieving genuine liberty.

Workers, indigenous peoples, peasants, youth and teachers, women and small merchants, neighborhood residents and artisans, honest military people and religious people close to the poor: the struggle against the treacherous regime of starvation, for liberty and justice continues!

Long live the unity, organization and struggle of the peoples of Ecuador!

Towards Popular Power and Socialism!

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