The PCMLE regarding the events in the U.S.

The Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador considers it necessary to make clear the following aspects as basic elements for an analysis of the events that took place in the United States and that today have the attention of the world:

One must deplore the events in which there are numerous innocent victims, civilians, the people of the U.S., the workers (many of them immigrants, including Ecuadorians) who have been the object of the attacks. One must express solidarity with the workers, men and women of the people who have suffered the effects of these acts, in the same way that we are in solidarity with other peoples, such as of Palestine, Iraq, Cuba or any another, who have suffered or are suffering the criminal acts of imperialism.

Our Party states that terrorist methods are in no way the appropriate form to carry out struggles against the enemies of the people: imperialism, the bourgeoisie and their governments, precisely because they make targets of innocent citizens, children, the elderly, women, etc. They allow the reactionaries to take advantage of those situations to reinforce their policies; also, they reinforce repressive measures, they lead to new crimes against the workers and the peoples, against the revolutionaries, under the guise of "doing justice" and "taking just revenge for the victims", when we know that they do not give a damn about the workers and the ordinary citizens.

We repeat the need to oppose any measures or retaliation against any people of the world, under the pretext that these are to "punish the terrorists." For those attacks, which we condemn, the peoples and entire communities must not pay the price of the genocide that will be carried out; therefore we need to prevent those acts.

It is necessary to remember that U.S. imperialism has a long history of aggressions, interventions and crimes against the peoples, which has led to indignation from all parts of the Earth; it has practiced terrorism in various forms which has targeted the workers and the ordinary citizens. Therefore it is necessary to denounce and oppose the retaliations that imperialism will try to carry out with this motive.


Secretary of the Central Committee
Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador
September 2001

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