From La Forge
Organ of the Communist Party of the Workers of France
May, 1997

Motion to Support the Liberation Struggle
of the People of Congo-Zaire

Adopted at a meeting organized on April 20, 1997, in Paris by the Congress of Progressives for Liberation (CPL Zaire) and the Cultural Committee for Democracy in Benin (CCDB).

Considering the heroic struggle of the people of Congo-Zaire under the leadership of the ADFL (Alliance of Democratic Forces for Liberation) to put an end to the criminal regime of Mobutu and its imperialist supporters,

considering that this struggle marks the failure of all the attempts at reforms of the neo-colonial and fascist power in Zaire and notably those of the so-called national Conference created and manipulated by Mobutu and his masters,

considering the evil role played by the imperialist powers. notably the French governments, to prolong the suffering of the African peoples in general, and of the people of Congo-Zaire in particular, in coming to the aid of the dictatorial powers defeated by popular struggles.

The participants at the meeting of April 20, 1997, in Paris:

- Denounce the actions of the imperialist powers, notably the French government, to save the fascist regime of Mobutu in Congo-Zaire and to continue to maintain the African peoples under the iron rule of the dictators.

- Demand the withdrawal of imperialist troops from all of Africa, notably the region of the great lakes.

- Give their active support to the heroic struggle of the people of Congo-Zaire and of the Alliance of Democratic Forces for Liberation to overthrow the corrupt regime of Mobutu and for the coming of a genuinely popular and democratic power.

The motion was adopted unanimously by acclamation by the numerous participants at the meeting.

The meeting was supported by the following organizations:

PCOF (Communist Party of the Workers of France); PCB (Communist Party of Benin); ADTT (Association of Turkish Workers in France); AFASPA (French Association of Friendship and Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa).

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