Statement of the Communist Party of the Workers of France (PCOF)
May 29, 2005

The "NO" Vote Has Won!

The European Constitution has been clearly and resoundingly rejected!

This is a huge victory for the workers and the popular masses who have demonstrated their courage and clarity by resisting the bombardment and demonization orchestrated by the "Yes" forces. For a month, and up to the last minute, the supporters of the "Yes" monopolized the media. But this came to nothing.

The "No" became deeply-rooted first among the workers; then it won over all the sectors of the popular masses of the city and country.

This is a crushing rejection for Chirac, the main leader of the "Yes," for his Government, the representatives and senators who in their great majority had already adopted this Constitution. It is a resounding defeat for the social-liberals of the Socialist Party and the Greens, the main supporters of the "Yes," who took their place at the side of the right, with the bosses and against the popular masses.

The "No" Has Come A Long Way

It was strengthened by all the struggles, by all the fights against the neo-liberal policies of Chirac-Raffarin-Séillère, against the European directives, the privatization of public services, the deregulation of the right to work, the liquidation of social security, the flexibilization of labor. These policies have been co-authored by the leaders of the right and the social-liberals of different States of the European Union. With the Bolkestein directive they have been caught red-handed!

The "No" was reinforced with the anger of millions of demonstrators who, in the last years, have denounced and fought against those policies and have run up against the wall of contempt of the government which, despite its continual rejection, nonetheless continued in its task of liquidating the social gains, for the benefit of the rich, of the monopolies.

The "No" was consolidated through hundreds of meetings and actions that dissected the Constitution, bringing to light its deeply reactionary nature through its endless articles and annexes, its neo-liberal dogmas.

Those who called for the "No" vote have been many; members and organizations fighting for the rights of women, unions and trade unionists, organizations, political parties, etc.., have expressed their reasons for their "No" vote, thus increasing the current of opposition to the European Constitution.

This is therefore a left-wing, progressive "No," one that has been created and put in place in the last months, relegating the reactionary, chauvinist "No" to second place.

The prospect of the victory of the "No" has stirred up a great interest internationally, primarily among the peoples of the other countries of the Union. The victory of the "No" in France encourages the development of solidarity in the struggle against the neo-liberal policies which is being waged in each of the countries and at the level of Europe as a whole.

This victory has created a new situation in the popular camp.

This victory is proof of the fact that the unity of the popular masses around a clear objective, and mobilized for the victory of the "No," is possible.

It is the fruit of a vast movement of discussion, debates and arguments that have mobilized millions of people. If the rejection of neo-liberalism, the apology for the competition of each against all, has now been won, that means that other questions which have been little discussed up to now, can also be raised. This is particularly the case with the denunciation of the militarization of the Union, closely linked with NATO. This is also the case with the denunciation of "Fortress Europe" the ever closer collaboration among the police forces under the pretext of the "fight against terrorism," a priority in the constitution. These are fields of struggle and mobilization that are opened up and will be reinforced.

This victory is not only an act of resistance; it is a statement of joint struggle against neo-liberalism, this policy at the exclusive service of the monopolies.

Our adversaries have not given up; they have already announced new offensives, particularly in the form of European directives. And to try to do away with the social movement, they have stepped up repression against the students, the trade unionists, etc. This is the "chaos" with which Chirac threatened us.

Our party, together with the other forces that have campaigned for the "No," has the responsibility of opening up political perspectives of this victory, perspectives of breaking with neo-liberalism, on the national, European and international level.

This is the task of the moment. Our party has its proposals. As of now we commit ourselves, together with our comrades, our friends, all those who have worked with us, to make those proposals concrete, in the unitary spirit which has given strength to this campaign.

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