From Workers Voice
Organ of the Communist Party of New Zealand
December 12, 1992

The Communist Party of Germany distributed this leaflet to anti-fascist demonstrations following five nazi murders on the weekend of November 21-22.

More Murders By German Nazis

If the terrorist Red Army Faction killed a Bonn policeman, there would be a swift reaction. Special action units would rush into the field. A state of siege would be proclaimed.

But when nazis kill at least 16 people un less than 11 months, this is treated as an everyday event in Germany.

During the weekend of November 21-22, five people were murdered by nazis:

In Molln, two houses containing Turkish families were burned to the ground. One woman and two girls died in the fire.

In Berlin, three youths were stabbed by skinheads. One of them died.

In Wuppertal, a 53-year old man was killed by two skinheads and an innkeeper because they thought he was Jewish.

Capitalist politicians by the dozen pretend to be sorry about these murders. But they're the same politicians who, in order to divert attention from their own policies, create a hostile climate towards foreigners and so supply propaganda ammunition to the nazis.

In September 1991 Volkner Ruhe, secretary of the governing Christian Democratic Union, sent a confidential memo to CDU branches telling them to continually stress the need to get rid of the right of asylum. Ruhe's aim was to divert working class attention away from his government's mounting debt burden, tax increases and major cuts to social services.

And the main opposition party, the Socialist Party of Germany, joins the attack on the right of asylum. In this way, the SPD proves that it's "fit to govern" -- at the expense of the dead, the countless injured and the people who live in fear of nazi terror.

When a refugee hostel was brutally attacked in Hoyerswerda, the police were not seen for days. CDU politicians said they understood the "people's irritation" with foreigners. As a reward for putting up with nazi terror, the victims had to leave their hostel.

The same happened in Rostock. For days the nazis spread terror unhindered. Their victims -- the refugees -- were taken away. The nazis achieved their object.

Still not satisfied, however, the nazis set fire to the refugee hostel where about 100 Vietnamese workers were still living. The police withdrew and watched.

And now the nazi terror, which has gone on for months, is to be rewarded with an amendment to the constitution. The politicians in Bonn are using the nazi terror as a convenient excuse to amend the "out-of-date" constitution.

Once they have made a breach in the right of asylum, it will then be easier to do away with other constitutional rights.

The nazis are very encouraged by such "victories". They don't have to show any more restraint. They display their true, brutal, "master race" face.

This embarasses the Bonn politicians -- but only because of the negative reaction from overseas. They are afraid that "the reputation of Germany will suffer". They don't care that working class people are suffering.

When their lives were at stake in the struggle against the Red Army Faction, the capitalist politicians mobilised the entire state apparatus for their protection. But not for workers, Turkish women and anti-fascist youth.

The officials in the government, state apparatus and the CDU and SPD turning a blind eye to nazi terror are criminals who must be dumped.

We must all defend ourselves against nazi terrorism. We must help ourselves, since this state doesn't wish to protect the lives of ordinary people.

For months, demands have been raised inside the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) for its leaders to call a warning strike against racism and fascism. Up till now, DGB leaders have ignored these demands. But now the time has come.

If foreign workers alone were to go on strike, it would gravely disrupt the German economy. But their German comrades now have to decide whether they will continue to stand aside and watch the nazi terror, or whether they wish to make use of their strongest weapon -- the strike.

Our demands are:

Ban all fascist organisations.

Severe punishment for all nazi criminals.

Severe punishment for all politicians and state officials who promote hatred of foreigners by their inactivity and deceitful campaigns.

A warning strike to back these demands.

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