From Roter Morgen
Organ of the Communist Party of Germany
December, 1992

"News" from Katyn

Finally the "proofs" are there. Yeltsin has laid them on the table. Not Hitler, but Stalin was the murderer at Katyn. So Yeltsin says.

This is how it started: "High-ranking representatives" of Yeltsin had repeatedly encouraged" the Polish regime to raise an accusation of murder against the CPSU for the shooting of Polish officers in the spring of 1940. As the Warsaw newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza" reported, Poland refused, for there was no proof of the responsibility of the Soviet leadership of that time for the crime of Katyn.

"Yeltsin's representatives had then promised to provide Poland with such documents. Previously the Russian side had constantly declared that there were no such documents to be found in the archives". ("Frankfurter Rundschau", October 16)

And then Yeltsin found them all of a sudden: "A representative of Yeltsin's handed over to Polish President Lech Walesa on Wednesday [October 14 - RM] a politbureau decision of March 5, 1940, which contained the orders of Stalin and the entire CP Politbureau for the shooting of 14,700 interned Polish officers and 11,000 other Polish citizens."

Imagine that, the whole Politbureau leadership had signed! What a "find"! However: "Political observers in Poland expected that Warsaw nevertheless would not decide to appear as accuser of the CPSU" (FR). Perhaps Lech Walesa is a secret Stalinist?

This cheap melodrama shows clearly what is to be made of the whole propaganda cry about the alleged "proofs" of Soviet responsibility for Katyn. For decades even in the West it was assumed that the Hitler-fascists were the criminals at Katyn. And then all of a sudden things were turned upside-down. Without a single document being presented. Simply because it was politically convenient. Now Yeltsin has finally presented a "document." And this "document" is evidently so poorly falsified that even a fierce anti-communist such as Walesa is embarrassed to make something out of it...

Only one person is going along with it: Gorbachev!

"A Yeltsin spokesperson had accused Gorbachev on the other hand on Wednesday of having known about the secret document years ago, but not making it public" (FR).

The Polish press (!) suspected that behind this whole affair was a revenge campaign of Yeltsin against Gorbachev (FR).

How did Gorbachev react? He "admitted" that he knew of the "document" but that he had seen it for the first time on the day he handed power over to Yeltsin. It was presented to him and Yeltsin jointly by the staff of the President's archives. (As has been said: Yeltsin had allegedly just "found" the document.) The lies of Yeltsin and the lies of Gorbachev, who is trying to save his skin in a wretched and servile manner, are worthy of each other.

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