From Roter Morgen
April, 1990

No Trust in the Bosses in East or West!

Fight with Your Party, the KPD(M-L)!

[The following leaflet was distributed in recent days under this title by our comrades in the GDR [German Democratic Republic - East Germany]. On the back of the leaflet appeared an article about Albania - "No Chance for Bosses and Bureaucrats."]

The elections have passed, but what has changed?

As much as when you take a one Mark [German currency] piece and turn it from one side to the other. It stays the same. So with the bosses' rule. Before, combine directors of the SED [East German revisionist party], now masters of banks and companies. What will happen to us, the working class? Unemployment, reduction in social services and impoverishment of the masses is threatening us. What use to us are full shop windows with empty wallets? With the ending of the former subsidies, the cost of rents, basic foodstuffs, transportation, children's clothing, etc. will rise dramatically.

Is this what we wanted in October, 1989?

For decades we were forbidden to think and criticism was repressed by the terror of the StaSi [State Security - political police]. And all this under the cloak of socialism. Socialism is not finished, but it was betrayed in the end of the 1950s. Bureaucrats such as Ulbricht and Honecker took over the leadership and the SED falsified Marxism-Leninism. Instead of class struggle for communism we had only development of the productive forces (goulash communism).

The profit of the new privileged strata and not the needs of the working class became the direction of the new line of the now revisionist SED.

Communists who were aware of this and struggled against it founded in 1976 in the GDR the KPD (M-L) [German Communist Party (M-L)], which had to work in the deepest clandestinity. For this many of us were imprisoned for years in Honecker's prisons.

What must we do now?

- We struggle against the further reduction of social services!

- We organize in the plants against capitalist rationalization, decline in real wages and closing down of factories!

- We hinder the annexation of the GDR by West German imperialism to form a new Greater Germany!

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