From Roter Morgen
Organ of the Communist Party of Germany
August 12, 1993

Solidarity leaflet from the Youth Encampment with Bischofferode and the semi-conductor works in Frankfurt on the Oder [former GDR]

We Want Work for All!

Solidarity with the workers and employees of the semi-conductor works in Frankfurt on the Oder and in Bischofferode

It is enough! Within 3 years, the Treuhand [agency in charge of selling off state enterprises from the former GDR], as the extended arm of the Federal Government and of West German capital has systematically destroyed the entire East German industry. That is the market economy:

- troublesome competition will be smashed.

- we women and men workers are only a commodity, that get work (is purchased) if this creates profit.

If we stand by passively, the future for all of us, but especially for the youth, will be totally destroyed. We will no longer permit this!

The hunger strike of the workers of Bischofferode is a sign. It shows that we have power! We can do something and can take our own interests in hand! If the workers of the semi-conductor works in Frankfurt on the Oder also now stand up in struggle, then we have a chance to broaden the movement. We can not wait for the "big" politicians and trade union leaders. They have done nothing for us so far and they will do nothing for us in the future either. Only what we do ourselves brings something.

We are young people from 8 countries in Europe, who have come together for 9 days in an international youth encampment near Berlin, in order to discuss together our future in this Europe of the monopolies. For us all perspectives in this society are gloomy. We want a future for all that is worthy of human beings -- with work and income for all, with freedom and solidarity, without exploitation, oppression and war. Therefore we are in solidarity with the workers in Bischofferode, Frankfurt on the Oder and all others, who are fighting for their jobs.

International Youth

(Contact the International Youth: IJ c/o Youth and Cultural Union,
Adalberrstr. 29, 60486 Frankfurt on the Main)

This leaflet is endorsed by:

Germany: International Youth, KPD (Communist Party of Germany); England: RCPB/ML (Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain); Ireland: CPI/ML (Communist Party of Ireland/Marxist-Leninist); Denmark: Rode Ungdom (Red Youth), DKP/ML (Communist Party of Denmark/ML); France: UJAFAI (Union of Anti-Fascist, Anti-Imperialist Youth), PCOF (Communist Workers Party of France); Spain: October (October Group); Turkey: TGKB (Union of Communist Youth of Turkey), TDKP (Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey); Greece: OKMLG (Organization of Communists/ML of Greece); and youth from Italy, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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