From Roter Morgen
Organ of the COmmunist Party of Germany
November 21, 1996

Resolution of the International Conference

"Class Analysis in the Present Communist Movement"

November 1996

We, the participants in the International Conference, Class Analysis in the Present Communist Movement," the representatives of the social organizations that hold firm to the basic principles of Marxism, have discussed the problems of the theory of the class struggle and have come to the common view that the method of class analysis, the analysis of social events, of historical events, the behavior and the activities of people from a class stand point is decisive for social organizations that consider themselves communist.

The current attempt of rightist forces and social reformists within the communist movement to refute these methods have caused great damage to the general forward development of the building of communist amalgamation and must receive the necessary ideological rejection by the communists.

The revision of Marxism on this question, the ignoring of the class evaluation of social events, has always lead and will continue to lead to the deformation of social consciousness, the phenomena of cosmopolitanism, chauvinism, nationalism and open fascism, finally it leads to a dead-end for the masses of people, who are deceived by anti-communist propaganda.

The participants in the Conference confirm their adherence to the understanding of Marxist science, that the mechanism of the further development of class society is the class struggle, in which the role of the force that propels [society] forward is played by the working class armed with Marxist-Leninist ideology.

The participants in the Conference recognize the necessity of the struggle against the concepts of class collaboration and agreement between exploiters and exploited (the social partnership), which are systematically spread by bourgeois, reformist and opportunist parties.

The participants in the Conference confirm their unshakable adherence to the principles of Marxism stated below and see the possibility of bringing together the genuine revolutionary forces in the communist movement only on this basis:

- unconditional recognition of Marxism-Leninism as the correct scientific teaching on the road to the construction of a new communist civilization, [its] steadfast defense against revisionism and opportunism and at the same time [its] further development in consideration of changed objective conditions.

- objective evaluation and defense against attacks of the heritage of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and their successors.

- sharper struggle against deviations from the revolutionary foundations of Marxism.

- recognition of the objective inevitability of the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat in the transition phase from capitalism to communism.

- complete and unconditional recognition of the right of nations to self-determination in the spirit of Marx, Lenin and Stalin up to secession.

- complete rejection and decisive struggle against discrimination on the basis of sex, race or nationality.

- the necessity to propagate dialectical materialism, political economy and historical materialism as the revolutionary practice of Marxism in the working class as differentiated from the philosophical-idealist concepts.

We stress the necessity of the abolition of classes in socialism on the road to the development of communism as well as the abolition of commodity production and commodity exchange.

"Workers of all countries, unite!"

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