April 2004

All Together Against the European Constitution

Because of the fascist attacks perpetrated in Madrid, the governments of the European Union (EU) are speeding up the process of ratification of the Constitution and imposing it on the peoples. That process is continuing with, and in spite of its contradictions.

The Constitution will reflect the dictates of neo-liberalism, the dictatorship of the big monopolies and will force all member countries of the EU to add them to their own constitutions. This means that in all the countries there will be more scarcity and cutbacks in social services, more unemployment and flexibilization of labor, more exploitation and less protection within the general movement of social dumping. That social dumping will be heightened with the addition to the EU of the countries of Eastern Europe. The beneficiaries of these policies are the big stockholders, the rich who are becoming increasingly richer.

That Constitution also represents the liquidation of democratic rights and progressive ideas. It further limits the possibility for the peoples to decide on their own interests and future, therefore reinforcing the power of the supranational agencies such as the Brussels Commission. Although Constitution formally recognizes the right of the member countries of the EU to withdraw from it, it constantly creates more difficult mechanisms to exercise that right.

Imitating U.S. imperialism and its anti-terrorist rhetoric, the European States are more and more becoming police States that conduct surveillance on and control their citizens, criminalize any form of social protest and reinforce the collaboration among all the organs of repression. The EU is acting like a fortress that rejects all those who are not European, those condemned to exile by misery and the wars promoted by, and inherent in, the imperialist system.

This Constitution is one more element for the construction of a European superpower that can compete with the other imperialist powers, particularly U.S. imperialism. The latter is today the largest superpower which imposes its control on the world by means of "unlimited war."

This competition means greater military confrontation, greater looting of the dominated countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. To assure its domination and to compete with other imperialist powers, the EU is creating an army and a European arms industry that hoards enormous sums of funds, brains and wealth in detriment to education, health, etc.

We say NO to the European army.

NO to the European Constitution formed in the interests of the large monopolies; a reactionary Constitution against the peoples of Europe, of the dominated countries, in short, against the peoples of the world.

Communist Party of the Workers of Denmark (APK)
Communist Organization October, Spain
Communist Party of the Workers of France (PCOF)
Marxist-Leninist Organization Revolution of Norway
Burkina Faso Movement for the Human and Peoples Rights (French Section)
Cultural Committee for Democracy in Benin (CCDB)
Association of Burkina Students in France (AEBF)
General Union of Tunisian Students in France (UGET)
Confederation of Youth and Workers Organizations (DIDF)
Party of Labor of Iran (Toufan)
Communist Party of Benin (PCB)
Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia (PCOT)
Chad Action for Unity and Socialism (ACTUS)
Anti-Imperialist Camp
Communist Youth Union of Denmark (DKU)
Communist Organization of the Valencia Country
Communist Organization of September 27 (Spain)
State Committee of Communist Organizations (CEOC), Spain
Platform of Citizens for the Republic (Spain)
Communist Refoundation of Catalonia
Communist Party of Germany (KPD)
Revolutionary Trade Union Current (CSR)
Journal "Theory and Practice" of Italy
Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of the People (DHKC), Turkey
Red Electoral Alliance, Norway
Organization for the Construction of the Communist Party of the Workers (Germany)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil (PCR)
Manuel Lisboa Cultural Center, Brazil
Movement of Struggle of the Cities and Towns, Brazil
Union of Secondary School Students of Pernambuco (UESPE)

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