European Social Forum
Paris, November 2003

Together Against the Europe of the Monopolies, Neo-Liberalism and Reaction!
Together for the Defense of our Social Gains and Rights!
International Solidarity with the Peoples!

Throughout the European Union, as in the whole world, the wind of neo-liberalism is blowing. Strengthened and promoted by all the international organizations, it is being increasingly denounced and rejected by the peoples. In its name, right-wing as well as social-democratic governments are putting in place policies that reverse the social gains and worsen the living and working conditions of the working peoples. Everywhere, they are trying to take back the social gains that have been won by the struggle of generations of workers. These anti-worker policies are the conditions of entry for all candidate members of the European Union, which are called upon to join "at the same level."

We are seeing a vast, concerted action of privatization of the public sectors, of liquidation of the systems of social protection, of the retirement and health systems. The big businesses, who are always most exempt from taxes, receive subsidies and assistance from the governments and the Brussels Commission. They continue to close factories, restructure them, and relocate them in search of the best possibilities to exploit, plunder and increase the profits of their shareholders. The agrarian monopolies follow the same policies, which sacrifice the less profitable peasants and flood the markets with genetically engineered products that provide them with maximum profit, without consideration of health risks. With the same blow they liquidate the agriculture of the dependent countries, driving millions of peasant families into greater misery.

It is no accident that US imperialism and the European Union are denounced as the principal enemies of the peasants throughout the world.

Within the Union, there is no equality between states; the big states, such as German, French and British imperialism, have more rights than the others. And when the people of a "small" country say "no" to the Euro or to a basic treaty of the Union, their opposition is treated as meaningless. These countries are subjected to strong pressure to change their position. The European Constitution under discussion seeks to institutionalize this inequality between countries, consolidate the neo-liberal model and strengthen it with reactionary references to so-called common religious values.

No to the European Constitution

Freedom of movement only exists for the capital and commodities of the monopolies. For people, particularly for "non-Europeans," the European Union is a fortress that excludes, imprisons, and throws back into the sea the men and women forced into exile by misery and war. It seizes its citizens and places them under surveillance, continually reinforcing international police collaboration, complementary to the world apparatus of repression set up by US imperialism.

The imperialist system instigates, incites and spreads war. US imperialism is the most aggressive and most dangerous power in the world today. It is engaged in an "unlimited war" against all those who oppose its plans for world hegemony. Iraq is the current target, but it is harder to subjugate than the aggressor had expected, and other countries are on its list.

The European Union is striving to contest this hegemony, including in the military sphere. This is the reason that its Constitution provides for each member country to increase its military capability. Far from being a force for peace, this superpower in formation is a main actor for the imperialist redivision of the world. It is already present in Africa where its armed forces are playing the role of policemen of the imperial order.

No to the European Army
Withdraw the Occupation Troops from Iraq

The popular opposition to this Europe of the monopolies and reaction, the Europe of social retrogression and increasing inequality, the Europe of the police apparatus and a European imperialist superpower, is increasing all over. Few governments risk submitting the acceptance of this Europe to a vote and when they do, they claim that it is a matter of choosing between "a narrow and selfish nationalism" and "the spirit of openness" and "international cooperation".

Together with the workers and peoples, we reject this false alternative and assert our will to develop solidarity in struggle all together, for a world of justice and brotherhood, which will put an end to exploitation, oppression and plunder.

Communist Party of the Workers of France (PCOF)
Communist Party of the Workers of Denmark (AKP)
Communist Party of Germany (KPD)
Marxist-Leninist Organization of Norway (Revolusjon)
Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy
Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (TDKP)
Communist Organization October and Communist Organization September 27 (members of the National Committee of Communist Organizations), Spain.

These parties and organizations are members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations.

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