International Conference of M-L Parties and Organizations

Santo Domingo (November 2003)

Political Resolution


The International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations was held in Santo Domingo. Among others things it analyzed the international political situation, emphasizing those factors which will promote a tactical link between us and the masses, to win their political leadership and strengthen the perspectives of the revolution; to affirm the struggle to put an end to capitalist domination and the establishment of socialism in the world.


1. The Conference affirms that the general crisis of capitalism, which began with the monopoly capitalist era, is deepening; the conditions of life and work are deteriorating; the fundamental contradictions of the system are sharpening; the factors for a multidimensional crisis are accumulating and also affect the advanced capitalist countries, confirming the Leninist theory of imperialism.

2. Under these conditions the social bases for the revolutionary and popular struggle are broadening and we the Marxist-Leninists parties should take advantage of this, placing a great emphasis on accompanying and leading the masses in the struggle against imperialist aggression.

3. The Conference also confirmed the deepening of the framework of the present crisis, of the contradictions among the imperialists. It also pointed out that the war of aggression is an immediate question, part of the imperialist policy of recolonizing territories in a dispute over a new territorial distribution of the world.

4. It also showed that the contradictions between the imperialist countries and the oppressed nations continue to be characteristic of the epoch. Therefore, the continued validity of the Leninist thesis of the "weakest link" in the chain of imperialist domination is confirmed.

5. A particularly important question is the growing awakening and upsurge in some parts of the world, of the mobilization of the people and particularly of the workers. The Conference also emphasized that these broad mass movements are showing a greater level of consciousness in rejecting imperialist politics.

6. For the participants of the Conference there are consequently some objective conditions for the advance of the revolutionary process. The main challenge is the question of the subjective factor, that is, the building and strengthening of the Marxist-Leninist parties and the raising of the organization, consciousness and struggle of the masses; stimulating the formation of ML parties where they do not exist, and strengthening the international action of those that do exist.


7. Especially after the events of September 11, 2001, U.S. imperialism played the role of victim and took on an audacious and shameless war-like attitude. After the occupation of Afghanistan, and against the opinion of the great majority of the peoples of the world, it embarked on a war of conquest against Iraq and, in conformity with the role assigned to it, it has increased even further the factors for war on a world scale and the threats against the independence of nations and the democratic rights of the peoples, including the U.S. people themselves.

8. The Conference takes up the just struggle of resistance of the peoples subjected to the most varied forms of imperialist aggression, especially military occupation, such as has taken place in Afghanistan, Iraq, and others countries. It also stands in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people.

9. This attitude has led to the revival of fascist methods in the leadership of the bourgeois States, which has once again been aided by Social-Democracy.

10. There is a great urgency and significance of the slogans and tasks such as the struggle against imperialist aggression and wars, for the self-determination of nations and solidarity among the peoples. We have already seen the strength and ability to call out the masses that this has led to, when during the aggression against Iraq the streets and plazas of countries in all continents were scenes of impressive demonstrations against the war, in which the working class and working people in general had a significant participation.

11. A particularly important fact in these demonstrations challenging the imperialist policy is that at the same time they put forward demands for social rights.

12. Since in the name of the war against terrorism, the rulers of the United States and other powers have shown themselves ready to violate the people’s rights and take away their liberties, the struggle for democracy and political rights is a vital question in these times in which the methods and tendencies of a dictatorial and fascist type are being heightened.

13. The aggressiveness of the imperialist powers is sharpening the contradictions between these powers and the oppressed and threatened nations, and the national and patriotic character of the struggle must be an important part of our political efforts, both in the underdeveloped countries as well as in some of the developed countries.

14. From the point of view of our doctrine and principles, the march of world events demands that the communists reaffirm two fundamental aspects: 1) The reaffirmation of the validity of the Leninist doctrine that imperialism is the source of wars and reaction all along the line, and 2) The need to build parties that are sufficiently steeled and skilled in leading the struggle of the workers, nations and peoples.

15. As a necessary complement to the previous point, it is necessary to repeat the importance that we have always given to the practice of proletarian internationalism, as well as the unrelenting fight against bourgeois values, culture and ideology, against revisionism, as an expression of right opportunism and its history of sellouts and betrayals, as well as against ultra-leftism.

Another World Is Necessary, Socialism!

Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil
Communist Party of the Workers of Denmark – APK
Communist Party of Labor – PCT (Dominican Republic)
Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador – PCMLE
Communist Party of the Workers of France – PCOF
Communist Party of Germany – KPD
Organization for the Reconstruction of the Party of the Proletariat of Italy
Communist Party of Mexico (M-L)
Marxist-Leninist Organization Revolution of Norway
Communist Organization October (Spain)
State Coordination of Communist Organizations of Spain (observer)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey – TDKP
Red Flag Party of Venezuela
Revolutionary Communist Party of Volta (Burkina Faso)

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