Resolution on the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas)

1. The inter-imperialist rivalry for control of markets and spheres of influence, and for world hegemony, has been expressed recently, among others ways, through the formation of commercial pacts, treaties and agreements, such as the one that the United States has been trying to impose since 1990, known since 1994 as the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), with which U.S. imperialism is trying to subject a market of 800 million people to its interests.

2. In view of the delays that the process of the formation of the FTAA has undergone, primarily as a consequence of the resistance of the working class and peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, U.S. imperialism has promoted bilateral and mini-multilateral agreements with various countries in the region, concretized in the formation of the Free Trade Agreement, which relies on the support of the local bourgeoisies.

3. These treaties, like the FTAA, are leading to greater dependence of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, at the same time as they lead to higher profits through the super-exploitation of the workers and peoples, and through the further looting of the natural resources of the region. This is leading to a further sharpening of the crisis of every sort, with a corresponding increase in unemployment, hunger and misery of the popular masses.

Therefore, we call:

1. On the working class and peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean to continue developing in a multilateral manner actions of the masses to denounce and fight the objectives that U.S. imperialism is pursuing with the Free Trade Agreement and the FTAA.

2. To make efforts to advance the unity of the working class, democratic and progressive forces, and the people in general, as an alternative to the union of the bourgeoisies and their governments, aligned with the objectives of imperialism.

3. To make the fight against the FTAA and the Free Trade Agreement an integral part of the national, democratic and revolutionary struggle to put an end to imperialist oppression and capitalist domination. In this way the Marxist-Leninist communists know how to honorably fulfill our historic responsibilities.

No to the Reactionary European Constitution!
Long Live International Solidarity!

The European Union has taken one step further towards the formation of a superpower that competes with U.S. imperialism and the other imperialist powers and that oppresses the peoples of the neo-colonies, especially in Africa.

With the European Union expanded to 25 members, the process of ratification of the Constitution has begun. This Constitution affirms the neo-liberal character of this program which fulfills the designs of the big monopolies.

This is a new step after the Common Market and the introduction of the Euro. This will reinforce the competition among the workers, the decline in salaries, the general liquidation of social and labor rights and will continue the process of privatization.

The Constitution seeks to give the European Union the military capacity to support the economic interests of the monopolies of Europe throughout the world.

The Constitution concentrates political power in the hands of the bourgeoisie of the big imperialist countries. It is a threat to the democratic rights of the peoples.

The popular opposition to this Constitution is developing in all of Europe.

Together with the working class and peoples of Europe we say "No" to a Europe of the monopolies and of reaction.

No to the Constitution!

Yes to international solidarity!

The Imperialist Plan for the Middle East

The plan for the Middle East is a plan of aggression, looting and dividing up, also called "Plan for the broader Middle East and North Africa," which U.S. imperialism is putting into practice since the intervention and occupation of Iraq.

United States imperialism presents this plan as a plan to support democracy, economic opening and for the development of peace, prosperity and human rights in those countries. But the peoples of the world already know this demagogy about peace, prosperity and human rights practiced during the period of a "new world order" and know that from there arise aggressions, occupations and looting.

The plan includes 22 countries, from Morocco to the countries of the Caucasus. More than 70% of the oil reserves of the world are in this region, which is a crossroads for the transport of energy.

U.S. imperialism is interested in this region essentially to monopolize its wealth in oil and gas; to obtain these it is utilizing all means (including interventions and occupations, as in Iraq).

One of the objectives of the United States with this plan is to reinforce its positions in the region surpassing that of other imperialist powers. This plan foresees giving an important role to Turkey as a "model country," given the strategic character of its regime reflected in the strength of its army and the existence of a liberal Islamic government. Turkey is considered a bridge into this region.

The people of Turkey, as the other peoples of the region, will not accept this plan for the Middle East because behind it are hidden the aggression, looting and dividing up dictated by U.S. imperialism.

Our Conference considers this plan to be a new plan of aggression by U.S. imperialism and condemns it as such.

We manifest our support to the peoples of that region who are fighting against the intervention, occupation and looting practiced by imperialism.

Resolution on the Western Sahara

The X Plenary of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations, at the same time as it gives its solidarity to the just struggles of the people of the Sahara and its legitimate representative the POLISARIO FRONT, manifests its rejection of the maneuvers that U.S. imperialism is carrying out together with the French and Spanish government.

Without respecting the decisions of the UN, it is trying to convert the WESTERN SAHARA into a colony of Morocco.

We demand the holding of the referendum that has been delayed for ten years, which will allow the people of the SAHARA to obtain self-determination so that the Saharoui Arab Democratic Republic, proclaimed in the refugee camps in Algeria during the 1970s, can become a reality in its own territory.

Yankees Out Of Iraq
Down With the Imperialist War

Iraq has been occupied for more than one year by U.S. imperialism and its allies because the second largest reserves of oil and natural gas in the world are found there.

This occupation (which has caused 100,000 deaths and substantial material damage) is a result of the general crisis of capitalism, which promotes rivalry among the imperialist monopolies for the redivision of the world.

This military adventure is a strategic element of U.S. imperialism to shunt aside its rivals, to subjugate the countries and peoples of the region and to advance in its attempt to dominate the world.

The X Plenary of the Conference of Marxist-Leninists Parties and Organizations condemns this occupation and supports all the legitimate and just forms of resistance of the Iraqi people and demands:

The immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the invading forces from Iraq

Payment for all the damage caused to the Iraqi families and peoples.

Statement on the Struggle of the Palestinian People

The X Plenary of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations pays homage to the memory of Yasser Arafat who for years led the struggle of the Palestinian people. His death has given rise to much speculation about the immediate future of Palestine. However, that heroic people, forged in resistance against the Nazi Zionist State of Israel, is continuing its struggle to win its freedom, its right to have its own State, the recovery of its territories occupied by Israel since 1967 and the return of those who have been exiled.

The tenacious struggle of the Palestinian people has the support and solidarity of our parties and organizations as well as that of the peoples of the world. Faced with that, is the foolishness and cowardice of the so-called democratic countries which accept, with timid protests, the ferocious and savage repression of the Israeli State supported and maintained by U.S. Imperialism. This Imperialism, together with its Zionist protégé, violates and ignores the resolutions of the UN and cynically characterizes the Palestinian fighters as terrorists, while they practice selective assassination, torture authorized by law, the bombardment of the population, the planned destruction of settlements and refugee camps, tearing up agricultural plantations, olive groves, etc.

However, nothing can stop the just struggle of the Palestinian people, which is advancing against wind and tide and will end in victory.

Message of Greetings to the 5th Congress of the Party of Labor of Iran (PLI) – (Toufan)

The X Plenary of the International Conference of the Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations, held in Ecuador, enthusiastically greets the holding of the Congress of the Party of Labor of Iran, the fighting and revolutionary vanguard of the proletariat of that country.

The member parties and organizations of the Conference wishes that this principal meeting of the Iranian communists will reaffirm itself in Marxism-Leninism in order to analyze the complex problems that exist in Iran, in the region of which it is part and in the world in general. This will contribute to the strengthening of this fraternal party, as well as renew enthusiasm that will promote the tasks of the revolution and socialism.

The leaders and members of the fraternal party are consistent fighters for the cause of democracy and socialism, in which they have gained much experience. For this attitude they have been repressed continually, both by the bloodthirsty dictatorship of Shah Reza Pahlevi, at the service of U.S. imperialism, and by the dictatorship of fundamentalist Islam of the ayatollahs. But, in spite of the assassinations, imprisonments and other forms of repression, the comrades of the PLI have stood firm and persevered in the ideal of the revolutionary struggle and socialism.

For these reasons, in a country and region in which the popular struggle is growing and the perspectives of the revolution are expanding, we member parties and organizations of the Conference send a message of solidarity to the Iranian comrades, at the same time as we encourage them to continue on the road of struggle with the firm conviction that the revolution is possible.

Success, comrades.

Resolution on the Ivory Coast

The reactionary civil war that has been developing in the Ivory Coast for two years has become aggravated.

There is a crisis in the French neo-colonial system. In the Ivory Coast, one of its manifestations is the confrontation between bourgeois parties and their armed factions to seize or hold on to power. To reach their objectives they utilize various means: the development of chauvinism and xenophobia, the division of the population on ethnic and religious bases, etc.

In the context of open war, French imperialism always speaks of "peace" and "national reconciliation" while it is reinforcing its military presence in a very aggressive way (destruction of airplanes of the Armed Forces of the Ivory Coast Government and attacks with live bullets on the civilian population demonstrating against the French presence in that country).

French imperialism is defending its economic and strategic interests that are important in the Ivory Coast in opposition to other rival imperialist powers, particularly U.S. imperialism.

The Ivory Coast is a country where there are no rights. It is divided into two parts: the north of the country is controlled by the "rebels" (their official name is "Force Nouvelles" New Forces) and the south of the country is controlled by the National Armed Forces and the present government. Both parties are reactionary.

The government has taken the road of fascism as can be seen by the arbitrary arrests, tortures and the hunt for members of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the Ivory Coast; also the assassination of members such as Abib Dodo, who was secretary general of the Union of Communist Youth of the Ivory Coast.

The country is totally plunged into an anti-popular and reactionary civil war with a serious risk that of expanding to the whole west African region, with dramatic consequences for the peoples. Many of the thousands of people who have been displaced and are refugees have been exposed to epidemics and famine with no protection; they have also been victims of massacres.

The X Plenary of the Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations meeting in Ecuador, in December of 2004:

Together with the working class and the people of Venezuela!!

There is developing a social and political process in Venezuela that involves millions of people from the popular masses, the working class, the peasantry, the youth; all social classes, the various social and political parties and organizations.

This process has been taking place for several years, but recently, its intensity and development has taken on great dimensions and a high degree of conflict. This situation calls on us the proletarian revolutionaries, the men and women of the left, the democrats, the patriots, the social fighters to choose sides, to express our point of view and above all, to show solidarity and support for the progressive forces that are confronting U.S. imperialism and the Venezuelan oligarchy.

We can affirm unequivocally that Venezuela is experiencing a general increase in the struggle of the masses, that the cities and the countryside are the setting of the confrontation between the yearnings for freedom of those at the bottom and the anti-popular and anti-national policies of the bourgeoisie and imperialism.

The tradition of struggle and the desire for freedom of the working masses and the Venezuelan youth have culminated in the present stage with the election and ratification in eight elections of President Hugo Chávez, who is developing an administration in favor of the popular interests and for the benefit of the country.

He is carrying out a campaign to eradicate illiteracy, strengthen public education and give access to it to millions of Venezuelans who did not have it, bring health care to the popular sectors, promote a new agrarian reform that affects the lands of the State and the unproductive lands of the big landlords.

He is firmly opposing the Plan Colombia, the FTAA [Free Trade Area of the Americas – translator’s note], the war against Iraq and he is playing an important role within OPEC, in defense of the interests of the oil-producing countries.

Against the designs of imperialism and in defiance of the desires of the oligarchy and of the Venezuelan reactionaries, he is holding high collaboration and mutual aid with the Cuban revolution.

These facts have provoked the anger of the U.S. monopoly groups, the Yankee government, the oligarchy and the traditional political parties, of the reactionaries, who from the very start of the Chávez government have been developing a ferocious attack that is attempting to oust it.

With that aim, they have managed to involve a good part of the middle strata of the population, the professionals and a sector of the working class in anti- Chávez activity. Those social sectors long for security, they fear the rise of those in rags, and they feed their discontent due to the manifestations of the crisis that is shaking Venezuela.

The actions of imperialism are carried out by all means, it utilizes various resources.

A great part of those policies are drummed up by the big media, the press, the radio and television that, hour after hour, every day, are spreading diatribes and slanders, making up incidents and attacking Chávez, his government and his work.

It is instigating and penetrating into the barracks to find soldiers who will openly take up opposition to Chávez and utilize them as a spearhead, trying to organize an anti- Chávez coup.

It is organizing, dispersing and reconstituting social and political alliances in order to unify all the right-wing and reactionary forces.

The open head of the Opposition is the Chamber of Commerce, which represents the associations of businessmen and bankers, and the top hierarchy of the Catholic Church. The traditional parties, the trade union bureaucracy, renegades from political formations of the left, some formerly left-wing and revolutionary political organizations are also involved.

The Bush government, the U.S. Embassy, the CIA are the manipulators who are controlling and directing the actions of the Venezuelan reactionaries. The Cuban exiles and Colombian paramilitaries are also part of the forces that are acting intensely against the Chávez government.

On the other side are the popular masses, the working class, peasantry and under-employed, those in rags and the broad strata of the youth who are taking up the defense of national sovereignty and their decision to self-determination. Those forces are gaining experience in struggle, growing in their anti-imperialist consciousness, strengthening their organization.

In Venezuela a deep and general social and political process is now taking place that is polarizing society. The struggle expresses itself in all fields: in the sphere of ideas, in political confrontation, in the streets and plazas. In that situation, the patriotic, democratic, and revolutionary positions of the Venezuelan working class, people and youth are being strengthened; the revolutionary positions are purifying themselves and are demarcating positions with the opportunists.

Utilizing a constitutional recourse, established under the new Constitution, the bourgeois opposition pushed by all means for a referendum recalling the Mandate of President Chávez. They tried to manipulate the opinion of the people and to lead them to reject through the ballot box the democratic government and to accept the designs of imperialism. That referendum took place in August of 2004 and, once again, Chávez was ratified by an overwhelming majority.

The profuse campaign of lies unleashed by the big media were unsuccessful in serving the purposes of the imperialists and reactionaries, the actions of the reactionaries were useless, the schemes and maneuvers of the top layers of the Catholic Church, the activities of the trade union bureaucracy and the opportunists failed.

Later on, in the municipal elections the democratic and progressive positions once again succeeded and again the reactionary positions were defeated.

In Venezuela the struggle continues.

The reactionary forces have not stopped trying to defend the interests of the oligarchy and imperialism and they will continue their offensive.

The popular, patriotic, democratic, left-wing and revolutionary forces will continue forward, pushing on the process and defending it.

In Venezuela one of the great battles against imperialism is being waged and the proletarian revolutionaries must keep that situation in mind to support the workers and youth, the government of Chávez to the degree that he perseveres along a democratic and patriotic line.

The International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations expresses its solidarity with the working class and people of Venezuela.

We Marxist-Leninists are convinced that the revolutionary reserves and potentials of the Venezuelan workers will defeat the attempts of imperialism and reaction one after another, they will allow the process of social and national liberation to advance, and one day, under the leadership of the revolutionary party, the proletariat will win final victory, they will bury capitalism and imperialism and they will build socialism and communism together with the workers and peoples of the whole world.

X Plenary of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

Ecuador, December of 2004

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