From Roter Morgen
Organ of the Communist Party of Germany
December 2, 1993

International Conference of
Marxist-Leninist Parties Successfully Concluded

At the end of November there took place in Europe an international conference of Marxist-Leninist parties. 13 parties from around the world took part: Communist Party of Albania, Communist Party of Germany, Communist Party of Volta, Communist Party of Colombia (M-L), Communist Party (M-L) of Ecuador, Communist Organization October from Spain, Communist Workers Party of France, Organization for the Communist Workers Party of Italy, Party of Labor of Iran (Toufan), Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain, Communist Party of Mexico (M-L), Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey and Organization for the Unity of the Communist Party of Greece. Other parties had expressed their support for the conference, but could not take part for various reasons. For the first time in many years Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations on such a large scale came together, to discuss current questions and problems. The cooperation must be continued and expanded.

On the agenda of the conference were: 1) Analysis of the international situation and the development of the workers movement, 2) Situation of the Marxist-Leninist movement, 3) Future tasks. The KPD had prepared a contribution to the analysis of revisionism based on its year-long intensive discussion, which was of interest to many parties, and at the next conference it will form the basis of a discussion after thorough preparation.

In the analysis of the international situation it was established that imperialism had lost none of its aggressiveness since the collapse of the revisionist states and of Albania. After the end of the competition between the two superpowers, the USA and the USSR, the worldwide contradictions have become sharper. Everywhere capital has been attacking the living conditions of the working people. On the basis of the increased competition among the imperialist countries there are numerous local wars, and the danger of war is increasing. The imperialists are openly interfering in various countries, such as Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Somalia, Cuba, etc.

All of this is leading to the fact that among the working class and the oppressed peoples dissatisfaction with their living conditions is increasing. The Marxist-Leninist parties were united on the fact that they must prepare themselves for an upsurge in the class struggle and that they must strengthen and develop themselves. It was openly discussed with self-criticism, that many parties must still undertake great efforts in order to play their role in this.

In the analysis of the situation of the Marxist-Leninist movement, in the first place the danger of the formation of new revisionist currents was stressed. All parties were united on the fact that there could be no unity between Marxist-Leninist ideology and revisionist ideology. The revisionists have destroyed socialism and removed the working class from power, in order to enable a small clique of new exploiters to rule over society and the means of production. Even if the revisionists disguise themselves in a different way, they remain enemies of the working class.

The necessity of further increasing the unity and cooperation of the Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations was stressed. Also those parties that did not come this time will be called upon to take part in future conferences and activities.

A proposal was made by the KPD to initiate a conference in Europe on the trade union level of active, class-struggle activists from the workplaces and unions. This proposal was welcomed by the European parties attending.

The report of the Communist Party of Albania on the situation in its country and its reconstruction was interesting: despite prohibition the party has been able to win a large number of members. The social situation in their country is dramatic. Under the capitalist regime, everything that was arduously built up under socialism has been brutally destroyed. A bitter poverty reigns. Only a tiny layer has greatly enriched itself. The frustration and the anger of the population is growing. However, under conditions of illegality the possibilities of the party are still very limited. For example, there is a lack of money and of the technical apparatus for printing, etc. The parties attending decided to create a supportive action for the CPA.

Besides the official part, there were many opportunities at the conference for bilateral discussions, for mutual getting to know each other. Overall the conference was a great advance. Of course, there were also difficulties and weaknesses. But everyone was aware of this. And everyone worked unanimously to resolve them. The special thanks of all the parties went to the comrades of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey, which took on the organization burden of preparing and carrying through the conference. As the conference concluded after a week rich in work, everyone went home with confidence and optimism. The conference was a living proof of our slogan:

Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, Unite!

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