From Lucha
Organ of the Communist Party of Labor of the Dominican Republic
September 1995

Conclusions of the International Conference of
Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

Regarding the present crisis of capitalism and the situation of the workers movement.

1) The general crisis of capitalism is widening and deepening constantly, and can not be resolved in the framework of the capitalist imperialist system. The only true alternative for the crisis is the social revolution of the proletariat. The working class and its parties should take advantage of the crisis to advance the revolutionary process.

2) The generalization of the crisis and the presence of new phenomena in its development make necessary the continued study of its unfolding and nature, and the interchange of this analysis and discussion in the heart of the International Communist Movement.

3) Faced with this crisis, and with the role which the workers movement should fulfill, there is a weakness of the International Communist Movement and of our parties in each country.

4) At the present moment, there is noted a reactivation of the workers and anti-imperialist movement, whose perspective is a new increase of revolutionary struggle.

5) It is the obligation of the Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations to work for the theoretical-political development and for their injection into the present social and political movement, to give a revolutionary solution to the crisis.

6) The conference values the contribution of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador for presenting the document on "The Present Crisis of Capitalism and the Situation of the Workers Movement," which has served as the basis of this discussion. This has brought out [ha registrado] important points of agreement, as well there have been expressed differences and limitations which should be overcome with joint study and discussion.

7) The conference points out the necessity of deepening study and discussion of all the phenomena of the crisis but particularly of the following:

- The unequal development of capitalism is expressed in the diverse manifestations of the crisis, in the dependent countries as well as in the developed ones.

- It is the capitalist imperialist system as a whole which is in crisis, and not only a part of it.

- The consequences of the technical-scientific revolution for the situation and the tasks of the working class and the peoples.

- The present situation of the anti-imperialist contradictions and their unfolding.

- The particularities of the crisis and specific regions such as Africa, the ex-USSR and East Europe.

- The greater concentration at the level of monopolies and free competition.

- The great accumulation of capital and its investment, principally speculative and not in production.

- The great socialization of production and the demand for socialization at the level of the direction of production and the impossibility of this being realized under capitalism.

- The role of the national states and their relation to the struggle of the proletariat and the peoples.

- On the utilization of various forms of struggle and their combination in different conditions and levels of the class struggle.

- The development of finance capital and neo-liberal policies.

- The validity of the Leninist thesis of the weakest link.

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

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