From La Forge
Organ of the Communist Party of the Workers of France
February 1998

Call for the IVth International
Meeting of Trade Unionists

We are trade unionists of different countries, particularly in Europe, who support class struggle trade unionism. Since 1995, we have met to exchange experiences, and to advance our trade union thoughts and practice.

In May of 1995, we held our first meeting in Frankfurt, Germany. In May of 1996, a second meeting took place at Argenteuil, France. It was on this occasion that we launched our slogan:

"All United Against Capital"

In June of 1997, in Madrid, Spain, we met for the third time. From rank and file militants to national union officials, each brought his or her own contribution to the workshops on the Maastricht Treaty, privatizations, social protection, health, or on the labor market today.

At these various meetings, we have emphasized the fact that solidarity among the workers of one country, as well as among the workers of various countries, is a concrete aspiration.

Let us take some examples: in November to December of 1995 in France, in England around the Liverpool dockers, with the Renault workers at Vilvorde or those of Clebecq, Belgium, or with the south Korean workers... But also to win the reinstatement of the workers of the CGT-B dismissed by the government of Burkina Faso in 1997 or the demonstration of May 1st, 1997, in Stuttgart, Germany, or against the G7 in Lyons, France, in 1996...

For us, class struggle trade unionism and international solidarity go together.

From June 5-7, 1998, in Strasbourg, France, the IVth International Meeting of trade Unionists will be held.

We invite trade unionists who seek to unite their efforts in the struggle against capital and against the reformist trade union policy which practices capitulation and class collaboration.

This June 5-7, 1998, we call upon each and every one who, on this basis, are fighting and are concerned with the vital interests of the working class and the peoples, to participate in the IVth International Meeting of Trade Unionists.

Strasbourg, January, 1998

The signatories of this appeal have signed in their capacity as individuals.

First signatories as of January 19, 1998

France: Gaston Konz, CGT-PTT; Bernard Lembré, member of CGT food and agriculture; Francois Metzler, CGT-PTT; Haydar Turan CGT metallurgy; Daniel Cantyn, CGT RATP; Daniel Méric, CGT-RATP; Martine Morange, CGT health; Jean-Pierre Denis, CGT health; Daniel Issaadi, CGT chemicals; Stéphane Guerrini, CGT-RATP; Maurice Journée, CGT retired; Yvan Hraste, CGT chemicals; Julien Courteau, CGT metallurgy.

For all correspondence, or to sign this text, you may write to:

Bernard Lembré
4 rue de Stade
67207 Niederhausbergen

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