From Revolución
Organ of the Communist Party of Colombia (M-L)
February 18 - March 3, 1991

War on Imperialist War!

Joint declaration of Marxist-Leninist parties

We were promised times of peace and harmony, a "new order." The reality is this cruel war of extermination, principally against the Iraqi people.

It is obvious that for U.S. imperialism the invasion of Kuwait is a pretext to mobilize a gigantic international military coalition. The object is the control of the most important oil resources in the world. In this reactionary war, each imperialist power and the governments under their influence, are trying to obtain greater benefits in a new redivision of the world: some are doing this by participating directly in the destruction of the human, economic and military potential of Iraq, and others supporting this aggression politically and economically, and indirectly militarily (as is the case of the USSR, Germany, Japan, etc.).

The supposed defense of the rights of the peoples, of democracy and human rights, on the part of those who have never ceased their aggressions (as in the case of Korea, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Libya, Panama, etc.) is a vile fallacy.

The UN, submitting to the dictate of U.S. imperialism, is clearly an instrument against peace and for war. By what international right can the UN speak when it declares and authorizes military aggression against Iraq and refuses to recognize the rights of the oppressed peoples, particularly of the Palestinian people to exist, and tolerates the crimes of the Zionist state of Israel.

We condemn unreservedly, with great energy, the criminal imperialist aggression headed by the United States.

It is the imperialist powers and the reactionary governments (including the USSR) who armed and supported Iraq in its aggression against the Iranian people.

This war is not a war of the people. The peoples did not provoke it, they are resisting the imperialist aggression. The communist parties must recognize and make concrete Lenin's slogan of "War against imperialist war!" We demand the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the Persian Gulf; we demonstrate our solidarity with the Arab peoples, who have been humiliated and offended, particularly with the Palestinian people, and we demand a negotiated solution of the problems and conflicts of the Middle East by these peoples and countries themselves.

At the same time we support the growing mobilization of the peoples of Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Europe, Latin America, Japan, the United States, etc., against the participation of their governments in this reactionary war.

Our parties must strive to elevate the level of mobilization of the workers and peoples, without confining these mobilizations in pacifism, which suffocates the aspirations and fighting spirit of the peoples.

The communists and the working class, should know how to bring about a just people's war against reaction and imperialism, for freedom, peace among peoples and their national and social emancipation.

Against imperialist war!

Support the Palestinian and other Arab peoples!
For the revolution!

Ecuador, February, 1991.

Communist Party of Brazil
Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist)
Communist Party of Labor of the Dominican Republic
Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Ecuador
Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist)
Communist Party of the Workers of France
Communist Party of Japan (Left)
Red Flag Party of Venezuela

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