Produced by a group of veteran Communists
October 1993

How the CPNZ was Hijacked

At its September conference, the Communist Party of New Zealand formally ended 72 years of activity on behalf of the working class. It officially endorsed a line that makes it a hidden, fifth-column agent for the class enemy in its massive international campaign to convince the working class that socialism does not work, that the workers are incapable of taking their destiny into their own hands and that they have no option but to make the most of capitalism.

The CPNZ's new line is that socialism has never existed. That the USSR had state capitalism. It says that the working class can only achieve socialism as part of a global revolution.

This denies the Marxist-Leninist theory of the uneven development of capitalism and of the reality of building socialism in one country.

The CPNZ line is Trotskyism. The CPNZ leadership denies this and points to its criticism of Trotsky. But those are criticisms of minor items. The main strategic fallacy of Trotsky remains as do his demoralising tactics that lead workers into fruitless struggle.

The chief architect of this betrayal, Grant Morgan, and his accomplice, Barry Lee, have done all this under the fashionable cloak of "rejecting Stalinism".

The key question is how the CPNZ was hijacked and turned into a tool of the class enemy. This newsletter gives only a brief summary of the process. Some of it has been dealt with in earlier newsletters. New information and documentation continues to emerge detailing how the plotting of covert pro-imperialist forces destroyed the Marxist-Leninist parties of the Soviet Union, Albania and elsewhere. While the spearhead of this offensive has been directed at the countries where socialism had been built, its strategic goal is to destroy Marxism-Leninism (and therefore working class organisation) in every country. But, as Stalin pointed out, Marxism-Leninism cannot be destroyed because to do so would mean having to destroy the working class. Sure enough the local destroyers have not had everything their own way.

The hijackers struck opposition to their agenda right from the start. A sizeable number of veteran members (about one quarter of the total membership) objected. But the leadership were in a position to distort and suppress their opposition. The veterans had no alternative but to leave in order to uphold Marxism-Leninism.


How did the misleaders get into a position of power? In the first instance by doing very good work and achieving technical skills that led to their selection for positions of increasing responsibility. This was accompanied by discreet back-stabbing of possible rivals and flattery of possible supporters.

By the time the party's chairman Dick Wolf died in 1987, the main misleaders were in a position to take over the National Secretariat.

Using the same tactics as Khrushchov at Stalin's funeral, they gained general support by pretending they were Dick Wolf's best successors for carrying forward the torch of Marxism-Leninism.

Meanwhile they lost no time in following Khrushchov's example of removing staunch Marxist-Leninists from being in a position to threaten their hidden agenda.

They consolidated their position on the National Secretariat and Peoples Voice during 1988 and prepared the way for a crucial Central Committee meeting in March 1989 at which they tried to abolish the Political Committee.

This was in defiance of the Constitution. When this was pointed out a compromise was reached that the Political Committee would be suspended pending approval of the next Conference.

But before the next conference was held the whole Central Committee had been changed. This was achieved by previously putting one Central Committee member who was also chairman of the Control Commission, Alec Rait, on trumped up charges and making him a probationary rank and file member. A mixture of cajoling and pressurising (and lack of vigilance) led to the retirement of other older members.


With the removal of the Political Committee (PC), whose members were available to meet quickly and regularly to supervise the National Secretariat in carrying out the decisions of the Central Committee (CC), the renegade leaders had a clear field.

The new Secretariat changed itself into the National Executive, along the lines of a capitalist board of directors - and proceeded to act like one, squandering party funds and assets on office equipment and technology. And just as capitalist technology replaces labour, so is the party's technology increasing as the members, supporters and paper sales are decreasing!

The National Executive makes loud noises about being guided by the new CC. But how can a group of mesmerised yesmen guide the man who hypnotises them? Where there had once been a 15 strong CC and a 9 strong PC, reflecting a wide range of age and experience, there was now a 7 strong CC of handpicked younger, impressionable members who present no threat to Morgan and Lee.

This was the CC that attended the conference instead of the CC members who had been elected by the previous conference. They are the ones who should have attended as of right.

Meanwhile, there were other breaches of the Constitution. The Control Commission was disbanded thereby removing a possible threat to the manipulators. The People's Voice masthead and aims were changed. The name was changed to Workers Voice. The price was raised to $2 removing it from the reach of many workers. It was reduced from a fortnightly paper to a monthly with long tedious articles of interest to only trade union officials and academics.

This all prepared for the theoretical changes, also put into practice before any conference approval.

The general level of theory among members, who in the main were very sincere and hardworking, was comparatively low. Many just believed socialism was a better idea than capitalism. Their beliefs were based on romantic idealism and not historical materialism which shows the inevitability of the working class becoming the ruling class. Romanticism can quickly turn into cynicism when a few 'blemishes' inevitably appear on the reality. Such idealism is fertile ground for misleaders. And mislead they did.

Very early the term Marxism-Leninism was replaced by the term Marxism. This paved the way for the attack on Stalin whose main achievement was applying Marxism-Leninism. It also paves the way for attacks on Lenin, which so far have been mainly confined to the inner briefings of CC members. Another banned term was "state monopoly capitalism" to describe aspects of modern capitalism. This paved the way for use of the neo-Trotskyist label of "state capitalism" against socialist countries. Even Marx's slogan "Workers of the world unite" was scrapped because "it did not specify what to unite around! These and other similar things were presented as theory in place of grounding in the real theory of Marxism-Leninism.

The theoretical gnats who proudly pushed this garbage as Marxism had the hide to write off Enver Hoxha as an "incomplete Marxist". This prepared the way for the attack on Stalin because Hoxha was the leading authority on modern revisionist betrayal and therefore dangerous to the NZ misleaders.

The most sudden and abrupt change however came in January 1992. Only one month after a Workers Voice article upholding Stalin's theory and practice came the attack on Stalin in an inner party circular.

It is almost as if the counter-revolution of August 1991 in the Soviet Union, when the class enemy finally overthrew what remained of the socialist basis, acted as a signal for the hidden Trotskyites to spring into action. The Morgan-Lee group had their case prepared and ready to go as soon as they saw that the August events meant that they could pretend that the triumphant capitalist forces had been in pyre since soon after the 1917 revolution.


They started to deluge the members and selected supporters with reprints of seven decades of anti-communist propaganda. The inclusion of non-party people in this debate was similar to Khrushchov's leaking of his secret report on Stalin to the outside world. It was also yet another breach of democratic centralism on top of the replacement of the Central Committee and the refusals to reply to members' criticisms of breaches of the Constitution in respect of the Central Committee, the Control Commission and other issues.

They claimed that, while the Central Committee was "unanimous" in condemning Stalin, the matter would be left to the rank and file to study in depth, to freely exchange views and make the final decision at a conference.

However the Central Committee started applying their anti-Stalinism ahead of any conference decision. Any favourable reference to Stalin was censored. Even a news report about Moscow demonstrators carrying photos and slogans supporting Lenin and Stalin (published by the NZ Herald) was censored by Morgan and Lee to remove reference to Stalin when it appeared in the Workers Voice.

The so-called study groups were, in reality, brain-soiling sessions, with Morgan and Lee and their CC stooges acting like high-pressure sect leaders. Members were deluged with massive reprints of material that gave the impression of great research by Morgan. Any opposing view was dealt with at great length and with heavy tactics that discouraged any disagreement. The promised inner-party bulletin containing contributions never appeared. Any opposition in other areas was distorted or suppressed. A sizeable group of veteran Communists, who had proved their loyalty in applying Marxism-Leninism over many years and through many hardships (some for over 50 years), had no option but to sever their formal ties with the party in order to carry on fighting the betrayal.


We shall now deal with the final massive onslaught against Marxism-Leninism contained in the 90-page circular 4/93.

Once again Morgan tried to impress with his erudition by appending a list of 312 references from which he claimed to have collated his evidence.

But this merely serves to reveal the company he and his Central Committee keep. It is a rogues' gallery of international mercenary anti-communists including

*anti-communist intellectuals from the "think-tanks" serving the major imperialist countries

*fiction writers, propaganda mercenaries and war-time Gestapo agents

*former Russian renegades, counter-revolutionaries, czarist police agents and terrorists

*Trotsky and various followers from different countries

*such "reliable sources" as Khrushchov and others of his ilk

Morgan and Lee are so proud of this digest of seven decades of anti-communist smears that they plan to produce it for public consumption.

This all fits in with the international campaign against all forms of effective working class organisation.

The Employment Contracts Act is designed to break up effective grass roots trade union organisation. The anti-Stalin propaganda pouring from the media (even novels and plays) is designed to discourage any effective political working class organisation.

No wonder Stalin is attacked and accused of every crime under the sun by those who want to exploit labour because he said such 'dangerous' things as

"The chief endeavour of the bourgeoisie of all countries and of its reformist hangers-on is to kill in the working class faith in its own strength, faith in the possibility and the inevitability of its victory and thus to perpetuate capitalist slavery."

After Lenin's death in 1924, Stalin led the Communist Party and the working people of the Soviet Union in socialist construction. In the face of external and internal terrorism, sabotage and aggression, the Soviet workers built a powerful socialist country with no unemployment, with cheap housing and free medical care and education. Real and social wages were continually rising and the USSR was becoming a shining example to the world's workers of what can be achieved when they take their own destiny in their own hands. This was achieved in the historically short time of 30 years. Of course the imperialist media did not present it this way. They twisted every trial of a terrorist or saboteur to appear as the cruel persecution of an innocent citizen. They described the results of their sponsored sabotage as the results of socialism. They magnified the mistakes and crimes of individuals as typical socialist behaviour.


The tremendous destruction and loss of life caused by World War Two set socialist construction back. The war also saw the party acting as management instead of its peacetime role of political leadership. This gave opportunity for careerists and self-seekers to lay the ground for corruption and distortion of party principles.

Stalin was planning to lead an attack on these abuses at the time of his death in suspicious circumstances in 1953.

Also, by the time of his death the economy was being rebuilt in record time and the workers' living standard were once again becoming the best in the world and the USSR one of the leading industrial nations.

But with Stalin's death the secret careerists like Khrushchov took over and prepared for a capitalist counter-revolution.

The steady degeneration of the socialist economy over the past 40 years has been used by the propagandists as "proof that socialism does not work". The Morgan/Lee group use it as "proof that socialism did not exist" thereby helping the neo-right and all other anti-communists in their campaign against the world's workers.

But they are on the side of the decaying aspect of the motive forces of history. They have accommodated themselves to the aims of the exploiting class and will be tossed into the rubbish bin of history along with that class.

In the meantime every effort must be made to expose their true role that they conceal beneath their revolutionary veneer- the role of capitalist cuckoos in the working class nest.

With the exposure comes the task of building a new organisation to lead the working class towards its historical mission of ending all class exploitation.

The working class has historically proved in the old Soviet Union and elsewhere that it has the strength and organisation to end capitalist slavery.

It is now learning the hard lesson of making sure that demagogues and other misleaders do not steal its gains.

Our task is to provide the facts, theory and organisation of Marxism-Leninism that will equip the workers of New Zealand to end the exploitive and oppressive system of capitalism once and for all.

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