Communiqué of the Communist Organization October
Madrid, March 11, 2004

Concerning the Criminal Attacks in Madrid

The brutal and bloody attack this morning, March 11, which killed about 200 people; the time, 7:30 AM, and the places chosen by the killers, show clearly that the aim was to attack the working class and the working masses.

Whatever the ideological or political cover of those who committed these savage attacks, their brutality and cruelty against the civilian population, which took place during rush hour, show that they intentionally sought to cause the greatest harm, utilizing terror as a political weapon, which is in the nature of fascism.

The Aznar Government, the monarchy and its regime are not the ones to express the grief of the workers. Those who systematically attack the rights of the working class and ignore their demands cannot now claim to represent them, nor pretend there is a social consensus, by taking advantage of the just indignation of the citizens.

In the same way as September 11 was used by the imperialist government of Bush to put into practice its doctrine of "pre-emptive war," which has led to destruction and death in Afghanistan and Iraq and to curtailing the civil and political rights of the people of the U.S.; this morning’s atrocity objectively reinforces reaction, it is being utilized by the Government to justify its national and international policies, which are causing division among the peoples of Spain; they implicate us in aggression against third countries and subject us to the militarism of the U.S. government.

The manipulation by the Government, which publicly insists on identifying any opposition politics with terrorism, has gone to the extreme of including the defense of the monarchic Constitution among the slogans of the rally of condemnation called for tomorrow. Unfortunately the majority of the leaders of the institutional left have accepted the positions of the Government in the name of "consensus."

We must prevent the right wing from manipulate this criminal attack in order to reinforce its reactionary and anti-popular policies. Aznar, Rajoy, Acebes and company are trying to confuse the peoples of Spain by equating terrorism with self-determination and republicanism.

The Communist Organization October expresses its solidarity with the families of the victims and with the workers of Madrid, and calls on the progressive and left wing organizations and people to maintain the calm, firmness and unity necessary to continue the struggle for the emancipation of our class and for progress in the face of barbarism.

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