Party of Labour
October 10, 2001

After weeks of threatening and raving about "new concepts of terrorism" and "struggling against terrorism in all its form" etc.; US imperialism has finally begun its attack on Afghanistan! Once again the brutal, bloody face of imperialism, foremostly represented by the US, has appeared beneath its folds of lies and demagogy. The imperialist forces at work and their collaborator accomplices may celebrate for now... but they should not not for one moment forget that it shall not be too long before their doomsday arrives and they will have to account for their deeds to the working class, labourers and oppressed peoples of the world! Please find below the press release made by the President of our Party, following the first attacks on Afghanistan:

Let us raise our voices against US terrorism and the imperialist war

October 8, 2001

The US, using the attacks directed at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 11 September as a justification has, with the support of its collaborators beginning with England started its massacre on Afghanistan that it has been holding "responsible" for the attacks.

In the name of "saving the civilized world from terror," "claiming civilization;" the US wants to once again establish its sovereignty over the blood of the oppressed people. Those serving the US, from the capital's media to the governments as well as the collaborator reactionaries are applauding these actions in complete harmony all around the world.

The true face of the reactionary, imperialist hegemony adorned with such gleaming words as civilization and globalization is being exposed in all clarity with this attack directed at Afghanistan.

The "bombardment of lies" carried on by the imperialist propaganda centres with all the means available to them, have not been able to obstruct the people and labourers of the world from seeing the realities. Anti-war demonstrations have increasingly surrounded the streets on all sides of the world from the moment the attack has begun. Beginning with the US itself; tens of thousands of anti-war workers, labourers and youth from Europe, Asia to the poor people of the Middle East are holding protest rallies.

The world is rapidly being divided into two; those defending wars, massacres and brutality and those who are anti-war, demanding equality, freedom and fraternity. On one side are the imperialists dominating the world and their collaborator governments and on the other side, there stand the working, labourer classes of the world and their oppressed, exploited, impoverished people...

The people of Turkey, with its workers, public sector labourers, peasants and youth, have also demonstrated their opposition to US terrorism and the imperialist war. In the public opinion polls, 93% of the people have refused to be used as pawns in US policies. Now is the time to raise our voices against this brutal and unjust war in all labourer districts, factories and work-places and in our universities.

No war planes beginning with those for fuel reinforcement should be allowed to take off from the Incirlik Base or any other US bases. All the bases should be closed down immediately. Our country should not be made "partners of crime" to the massacres, destruction, oppression and terror that will all be brought on by war. Relations based on peace, brotherhood and respect for the independence of all countries should be established. All initiatives to the contrary should be condemned as crimes against humanity.

Our Party calls on all our workers and labouring people and the youth of our country to raise their voices, together with all their class brothers and sisters from other countries and all the fraternal peoples against US terrorism and the imperialist war.


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