Turkey Material

The Party of Labour (EMEP) may be reached at:
Tel: +90 212 588 43 32-38
Fax: 588 43 41
E-mail: info@emep.org

Protests Against US Aggressiveness, EMEP (Party of Labour), 10/01

Raise our voices against US terrorism and imperialist war, EMEP (Party of Labour), 10/01

The extension of civil war tradition in America, EMEP (Party of Labour), 9/01

New Attacks of Imperialism Should Not Be Permitted!, EMEP (Party of Labour), 9/01

Press Release On Attacks Towards the US, EMEP (Party of Labour), 9/01

21 Years have Passed since the Military Coup of 12 September, EMEP (Party of Labour), 9/01

Statement on arrest of President of the Transport Workers’ Union (TUMTIS), EMEP (Party of Labour), 9/01

EMEP (Party of Labor) prepares for its first Party Congress

Justice for Metin Goktepe, La Forge, 4/97

"Class Analysis In The Modern Communist Movement", MLCP Turkey, 11/96

Towards a Revisionist International?, MLCP Turkey, 5/95

Alleged Collapse of Marxism and Socialism, TDKP, 1993

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