Resolution in Support of the Philippine Revolution

[Adopted 7/19/02]

Whereas, US imperialism, in its very beginnings one hundred years ago, seized the Philippines in a brutal and bloody war with the patriotic and heroic Filipino people and has continued to oppress and exploit the Filipino people through various means ever since; and

Whereas, Bush and US imperialism, while speaking loudly about an "axis of evil" made up of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea, quietly sent US combat troops, including elite fighting forces, into the Philippines (and intensified its Plan Colombia against the revolutionary movement of the Colombian people at the same time) as a key component of their global war of terror against the peoples of the world; and

Whereas, in the Philippines, a protracted peoples war has been waged for more that 25 years by the New Peoples Army with the popular support of the National Democratic Front all under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, expressing the aspirations of the Filipino people for genuine national independence leading to socialism; and

Whereas, the Moro people, through the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, are carrying out a similar just struggle against the Arroyo puppet troops of US imperialism; and

Whereas, the introduction of US combat troops into the Philippines is not aimed "against terrorism" but is itself terrorism aimed at openly suppressing the rights of the Filipino people to self-determination and suppressing the important revolutionary movements there; and

Whereas, the Philippines occupies a strategic geopolitical position, militarily as well as economically, and is clearly important to the US empire in its effort to maintain itself and even expand further; and

Whereas, as communists, we stand in opposition to the Bush-led and US imperialist-led global war of terror everywhere on earth; and

Whereas, a victory for the Philippine revolution over the US imperialist invaders and occupiers is a victory for the working people and oppressed nations of the whole world;

Therefore, the organizations and parties gathered together at the Sixth International Seminar on the Problems of the Revolution in Latin America, declare our great concern and our commitment to provide proletarian internationalist solidarity to the Communist Party-led Philippine revolutionary movement in its just struggle against US imperialism, the main bulwark of world reaction in this period.

Down with US Imperialism #1 Exploiter of the Peoples of the World and the #1 Terrorist!

Victory to the Philippine Revolution!

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