As an appendix to this pamphlet we are reproducing three documents from the recently uncovered police records on the involvement of the klan in the Atlanta child killings. The first document, relating part of the information provided to the police by an informant, has been reproduced as it appears in the court files, except that we have deleted an obscenity. The second document, relating a tapped phone conversation between Don and Terry Sanders, has also been reproduced from the original. The third document, consisting of excerpts of notes taken at two police meetings, has been typed by us from the handwritten original. Photocopies of 171 pages of documents from the court files can be obtained from Labor's Champion for the cost of reproduction and postage ($11.00 in cash or blank money order).

[Note: since the original first and second documents were not too clear when set for the web, they have been scanned into text and the originals linked as picture filesw to the bottom of these documents -- Editor, ML Translations]

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