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    On Wednesday, February 18, 1981, Atlanta PO Investigator Aubrey Melton interviewed CI 03-199. Source related as followings to Investigator Melton, and Investigator Melton related the following to Agent Jackson.

    Source related that he met Charles Theodore Sanders at a friend's house in Lakewood Heights. The friend is O. S.

    Source advised that Sanders is a pill head and also a member of the KKK.

    Source related that Sanders became interested in him after he became aware of source's expertise with explosives and alarm systems (by passing)

    Sanders then made source aware of his activities with the KKK. Sanders has since attempted to recruit source as a member of the KKK. Sanders related that they need a member like him (with expertise of source).

    Sanders advised Source that they wanted to burglarize a national guard armory at Savannah, Georgia. Source was requested to go to Savannah and by-pass the burglary alarm for the Klan.

    Source was offered:

    (1) $100.00 for each M16 rifle they could get from the Armory.

    (2) $500.00 for each new model Bazooka.

    (3) Compensation for any other explosives and weapons.

    Source advised that during these conversations and offers, he was carried to the residence of Sanders in Mountain View, Georgia, and also to a residence at Stone Mountain.

    Source advised that he is not positive of the man's name at Stone Mountain, but thinks it is Shelton.

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    Source thinks he can go back to the house.

    Source advised that he saw the following items at these residences:

    (1) M 16 rifles
    (2) C 3/4 Explosives (plastic in brick form)
    (3) Hand Grenades
    (4) Handguns
    (5) Electric detonators
    (6) Primer Cord
    (7) Police Uniforms
    (8) Coca Cola Co. Uniforms
    (9) Purolator Uniforms
    (10) Other well known company uniforms
    (11) Machine guns (drum type)
    (12) Boxes bearing name national guard
    (13) Machette (approximately 100 cases)
    (14) Bazooka's (old type)

    Source advised that Sanders told him that the KKK including himself was creating an uprising among the Blacks, that they were killing the children - that they are going to do one each month until things blowup.

    Source advised that Sanders attempted to get him to help on the child murders (to help Sanders).

    Source related that according to Sanders, the Klan is also killing Black adults, but indicated that it was somewhere else, that they were only doing Children in Atlanta.

    Source related that Sanders pointed at Geter prior to Christmas and told source that he was going to kill him.

    Source advised that Sanders was pilled-up, and that he thought it was just a lot of Klan talk. Source advised that he was aware that Sanders got mad at the Geter boy sometime before but still didn't think Sanders intended to kill him.

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    When quizzed about Sanders being mad at Geter, source advised that sometime prior, he (source) was at' OS's house - that the Geter boy and another black boy was there, playing with OC's kid, who is white. Sanders came by while he was there. The Geter boy ran into his automobile with a go cart. Source related that Sanders blew his top about this, but there was no damage to the car and source thought it was a thing of the past. This was prior to Sanders saying he was going to kill him.

    Source was asked exactly what Sanders said about killing Geter. Source advised that this was after he tried to get me to help - he pointed at Geter and said - "see that little Black Bastard, I'm going to get him, I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna choke the Black Bastard to death with my ▄▄▄▄". This occurred at OS's house.

    Source advised that this was shortly before Christmas, and"I still didn't think anything about it; just pilled-up Klan talk. Then the next thing I knew Geter was missing. "I (source) went to OS's kid and told him not to go anywhere with anyone other than his father - not even me unless OS was along. The Kid just thought Geter had run away. I told him and OS did also, that they were going to find Geter dead, but the kid still did not believe it. When they found Geter's body, the kid broke up, cried all day.

    Source stated that he would bet his life that Sanders killed Geter and that it is a KKK movement.

    Source was asked to name the KKK associates of Sanders. He furnished the following names: (1) Shelton - Stone Mountain, Georgia. (2) James Sanders, Hapeville, AKA Umpie. (3) Nolan, FNU and (4) Nance, FNU.

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    Source was asked to describe the automobiles that he had seen Sanders use:

    (1) Blue Chevrolet
    (2) Small red car
    (3) White pinto station wagon
    (4) White van, beat up

    Vehicles #1, 2, and 3 are supposedly owned by Sanders. Vehicle #4 is owned by his father, Carl Sanders. Subject Nolan has a black van.

    Source was asked if he was given the opportunity would he be willing to help further on the children murders.

    He advised that he would do anything within his power, as long as we handled it the same as in the past. He related that he could not testify in any circumstances. Source related that he would wear a transmitter and engage Sanders in a conversation, stating, "then you can hear it for yourself. The only thing I ask is for it to be confidential".

    Source requested to:

    (1) Obtain identity of the black boy who was playing with Geter and OS's son.

    (2) Locate Charles Theodore Sanders.

    (3) Locate house in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

    Source agreed as soon as he made bond.



mb: 3-9-81

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