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     At about 7:56 p. m., on Wednesday, April 1, 1981, Special Agent Bill Malueg began monitoring telephone number (404) 474-6385. Agent Malueg relieved Special Agent Gary Hilton from duty during this shift. Also present during this shift were Special Agent Bert Davis and APD Detective Billy Timms.

     During this shift a total of 20 incoming and outgoing calls were monitored, one of which was related to criminal activity. The following is a list of outgoing telephone numbers that were called during this shift.




    The following call was related to suspected criminal activity.

    #151 - footage counter 0054 on Reel # 2, this call was placed by Don at 8:07 p. m., to phone number 366-1504.

    The transcription is not verbatum:

    Don called Terry and asked "what's the good word?'

    Terry: I'm just sitting around, what you doin?

    Don: Ain't nothing to it, Ricky around?

    Terry: He just left with Kenneth.

    Don: Where's he headed?

    Terry: To his sport or something . . to take his bed there.

    Don: think he'll be back?

    Terry: Yeah, after while.

    Don: I'll just give him a buzz back, I might get out and rid around a
         little bit and I might come by there.


    Terry: Go find your another little kid, another little kid?

    Don: Yeah, scope out some places - we'll see you later.



mb: 4-1-81

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