Document No. 3

        On Feb. 26, 1981, the captioned investigators made an assessment of the intelligence available and reached the conclusion that the city of Atlanta is faced with a extremely explosive racial problem.

        During the aforementioned assessment investigators found it necessary to acknowledge and consider the fact that some Black citizens of Atlanta are advocating the arming of the Black communities of Atlanta.

        During the fall of 1980, a confidential intelligence source, under the code name "Rex", has attended meetings in the different Black communities, where certain Black citizens have constantly advocated the arming of Black citizens. These citizens are advocating moving weapons into Atlanta by the truck load and advising other citizens to be ready to protect themselves...

        Major Griner was briefed on the assessment and the reasons for the assessment. A discussion was had relative to the problems which would arise in an investigation of this type.

        The main problems, foreseeable at this time, is the investigative jurisdiction, the unavailability of investigative funds to cover expenses and the leaks that have continued to come from the Metro Task Force investigating the missing & murdered children...

        At 1600 Hours on Feb 27, 1981, a meeting was held at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in Atlanta.

        The meeting was held in the office of Ass't Director Tom McGreevy.

        The captioned investigators were present along with the following:

        1. Director Phil Peters G.B.I.

        2. Major H. Griner APD SIS

        3. Inspector R. Hambrick GBI

        4. Lt. Bob Ingram GBI

        5. Ass't Dir. Tom McGreevy GBI

        6. S/A Darrell Adams GBI Intell.

        7. Lt. Sam Hazel APD-SIS

        The purpose of the meeting was to brief everyone and to establish a format for the investigation.

        Director Peters opened the meeting and emphasized how sensitive the investigation would be and how necessary it would be that the intelligence not be disseminated outside the investigators which were to be directly involved. He pointed out that if the intelligence, which the investigation was based on, leaked out it would possibly cause a race riot.

        Director Peters pointed out that the investigation would be separate from the investigation of the Black children task force and that only Inspector Hambrick and Chief Redding would be knowledgeable of the investigation.

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