Table of Contents


The History of International Working Women's Day

Part I: Resistance, Rebellion and Revolution: The United States

Part II: Revolutionary Women Around the World

The Proletarian Revolution

    The National Revolutionary Movement

Part III: The Role of Revolutionary Women Today

The Internationale

The organizations which have jointly published this pamphlet and which co-sponsored the International Working Women's Day program from which it was derived, are:

Trade Union Action League
New Orleans, LA

Liberation League
New Orleans, LA

Revolutionary Political Organization (Marxist-Leninist)
New Orleans, LA

Excerpts from the following books were used in the program:

Twenty Years in Underground Russia: Memoirs of a Rank and File Bolshevik, by Cecilia Bobrovskaya, Proletarian Publishers, Chicago;

Before the Dawn, (2 volumes), by Shevqet Musaraj, "8 Nentori", Tirana, Albania;

"A Mother's Letter to Her Daughter," is reprinted from Sandino's Daughters by Margaret Randall, New Star Books, Toronto;

Draft Party Program of the RPO(ML).

Published In March 1987

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