From Bug-Parga Takisse Jewol-Jema
Central Political Organ of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Volta
No. 52 [August 1995]


Last July the Central Committee of the PCRV held an ordinary Plenum:

Analyzing the experience of socialism and its defeat on a world scale as a social system, the Plenum showed that this defeat is temporary and that the objective causes exist more than ever today that make the march of history lead only to socialism as well as communism. The tasks of communists is to work for the realization of the subjective conditions, in this case the creation and/or the reinforcement of genuine Communist Parties, the elaboration of correct revolutionary strategies and tactics in view of a fierce struggle for the destruction of capitalism by the taking of power and the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat for the construction of Socialism and Communism.

Analyzing the international situation, the Plenum showed that the defeat of socialism has as a direct consequence that capitalism, as a social system, rules on the entire globe in a hegemonic manner under the direction of American imperialism, with the emergence of a single world capitalist market, and that from now on the world is marked by three fundamental contradictions, that is:

the contradiction between the imperialist powers

the contradiction between imperialism and the peoples

the contradiction between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

The dismemberment of the USSR and the collapse of the revisionist regimes of East Europe have put an end to the bipolar division of the world which placed on one side the USA and its European allies and on the other the USSR and its satellites.

The Plenum showed that the economic and political upheavals taking place in the world, the prodigious changes and developments taking place in all spheres of life through the Scientific and Technical Revolution (STR) and its consequences, have not changed the character of our epoch, which remains the epoch of imperialism and proletarian revolutions.

Analyzing the national situation the Plenum showed:

* the complete restriction of the political life of our country by setting up a Party-State.

* the ruin of the economy and social misery by the selling off of the national patrimony, the corruption, the exclusion of the large masses from health service and education, the reduced diet, etc.

The Plenum analyzed the internal situation of the Party and decided on measures for its reinforcement and the elevation of the level of its activity.

In conclusion, the Plenum elaborated the tactics of the Party for:

- the advance of the struggle for the revolution in our country;

- its contribution to the struggle for the reinforcement of the International Communist Movement (ICM).

Long Live the immortal doctrine of Marxism-Leninism!

Long live socialism and communism for the national and social liberation of the peoples!

Long live the PCRV Party of Revolutionary Action!


July 1995
The Central Committee of the PCRV.

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