From Partija Rada

Maximum Program

1. The main strategic aim of the Partija Rada is to overthrow the capitalist social system and to replace it with the socialist social system, to establish the democratic power of the people and social justice.

2. The building of socialism should be adapted to Yugoslav conditions on the basis of the scientific principles of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism. It should also take into consideration the concrete conditions of the relationship between class and political forces in the country and worldwide. Ways and methods should be chosen that best suit our conditions, without imitating of any other experience. Those things which are historically outmoded, and which life and practice did not confirm, should not be applied in the building of socialism in Yugoslavia.

3. All forms of property: public, cooperative and private, should be respected. The main fulcrum should be public property, especially in the vital, strategic sectors that are of primary importance for the country and socialism.

4. Democratic, equal rights for all should be granted.

5. Full equal rights for all peoples - national, religious and cultural rights, should be provided, as well as the right of each people to self-determination up to secession and the creation of their own state.

6. Free education, health care and public welfare should be provided for all.

7. The right to work, to a place to live and full cultural development should be provided.

8. The principle of distribution according to work - equal pay for equal work - should be implemented.

9. All conditions necessary for the gradual transition to a classless, communist society should be created.

From the "Program and Statute of the Partija Rada," 1997, pp. 70-71.

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