Party of Labour
September 13, 2001


In the aftermath of the shock which was of quite a short duration, the American imperialist sovereigns, as could be expected, firstly declared war against an indefinite enemy. It was only afterwards that they began their activities to “determine” the enemy.

Following the statement of countries such as England, Germany one by one of “unlimited support”; NATO, regarding the attack as realized against the alliance, put itself and all its means for assault under the order and service of the US.

Now the time has come to determine the “enemy” or “enemies” and punish them.

It has been the people of America who have been made to atone, with the death of tens of thousands of their young and old, men and women, for the imperialist banditry that has barely left a hand span of land not attacked in the world, leaving behind scenes of brutality! Now undoubtedly the syndrome and anger these people are rightfully driven to feel will be taken advantage of as an opportunity of organizing uncontrolled assaults to four corners of the world, beginning with the strategic targets and entailing the reactionary forces of the world behind it by the “boss of the world”. In all probability, it cannot be expected for the American imperialists to waste such an opportunity of legitimizing their aggressiveness with mobilization calls of “revenging the blood that has been shed”.

In any case, the imperialist sovereigns are not losing any time. Afghanistan, on the edge of the world’s energy zone appears to be at the point of a gun on account of the now accused Osama bin Laden, formerly trained and bred by the CIA itself. The US, without making any explanations, wants Pakistan to respond to its question of whether or not Pakistan will ‘cooperate’ with the US.

Following a conspiracy directed at Afghanistan, perhaps, as a result of “a new clue to be found”; it may be Saddam’s and Iraq’s turn or –who knows- perhaps Iran’s.

It will not be surprising that all reactionaries try to “finish off unfinished business” with “their own” enemies and strengthen their hands in the chaotic environment suitable for all kinds of reactionary attacks. Israel, as heard directly from the former Prime Minister Netanyahu, has already declared Arafat as the head of the most dangerous terrorist network and has made a call for punishment. The very same day an attack on a large scale was directed at the Palestinians. Turkey, announcing complete support on one hand has issued a call for the elevation of the reactionary attacks by such words of its authorities as; “Had we not said so?”, “Help cannot be hoped for from terrorism”, “Security precautions should be increased against terrorism”, on the other.

Now resisting the wave of war cries and reactionary forces has, once again, fallen to the workers, labourers and oppressed peoples of the world.

Terrorism has no end, that’s for certain. However imperialism has absolutely no end whatsoever. It is imperialism itself that nourishes, maintains terrorism; hence causing it to sting itself like a scorpion. Furthermore, no action of terror -no matter how serious- can hide the truth that the greatest terrorist of all is imperialism which has shed the blood of millions in Vietnam, the Middle East, Yugoslavia and practically every other corner around the world.

The people of America must -and will- examine why they have experienced such a great anguish, why they have lost tens of thousands as casualties to such brutality. There is nothing surprising in imperialist aggressiveness, that has shed the blood of billions of oppressed people around the world and received their curses, collecting such products as a result of its ‘handiwork’! Now, the blood of the American people that will be used as the pretext of new attacks will also be the means of new costs. Not only the people of America but also the people of Germany, England, Russia and all the other countries whose imperialists have immediately declared limitless support to the US, must develop an attitude against the imperialism and globalization policies of their sovereigns that render such prices inevitable from now on.

As a member of NATO besides its alliance with America; Turkey, who has conveyed the “We are with you” message immediately; is at the threshold of being completely lead to this war adventure not only due to the Incirlik Base at Adana but with its position of being the “reliable friend” nearest to possible “American targets” in this war declared atmosphere. Such an adventure, viewed as the remedy to their insolvable troubles both by the Americans and their collaborators in our country, can only bring blood and death to the people of Turkey and surrounding countries. Despite the fact that such an adventure may seem like the “way out” to the sovereigns feeling suffocated in the country, may actually enlarge their troubles to the extent of overthrowing them; yet it will still serve to estrange the labourers, suffering at the claws of unemployment and poverty, from their demands, if for a while. In order to both obtain their demands in the face of imperialist globalization and to succeed in keeping away from the evil of war, the workers and labourers of Turkey must oppose the policies of the imperialists and their local collaborators uniting with them and raise their struggles.

The people of Turkey shall know how to raise the flags of struggle with all the oppressed of the world against imperialism and its collaborators in order to live in peace with all the peoples of the world, beginning with those of the region and to establish its own power wherein they will be their own master!

International Relations Bureau

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