Party of Labour (EMEP)
September 12, 2001

Press Release on Attacks Towards the US

The attacks in the US resembling scenes from a war are the product of the imperialist policies leading the peoples of the world to anguish and destruction. The US has reaped the seeds it has sown.

The world is in the shock of the "death attacks" directed at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Undoubtedly, tens of thousands of people -many of them office and rescue workers- being wounded or losing their lives in these attacks is an extremely distressing and tragic state of circumstances. The people of America have experienced a grief that they will not easily be able to forget. There can be nothing to be gained for the people of the world by terrorism. Nobody should claim the opposite. However, it is also a must to examine the conditions of the world.

In this respect, the easy approach of declaring the "international terrorist organizations" as the responsibles of the warlike scenes will not solve any problems. For an event, the consequences of which will have impacts on a world scale, cannot be dealt with in such a simple and single-sided manner.

It is crucial to underline an indisputable fact before all else: The attacks towards the Pentagon and the World Trade Center are not developments that can be evaluated independently from the atmosphere of conflict and war the world has been dragged into today; on the contrary, they are an extension of the politics based on conflict and war.

The real responsibles of these attacks are none other than those who, considering policies of colonization and exploitation as the necessities of the era, spread terror to the peoples of the world and whose interests lie in the policies of blackmail, threatening, oppression and war. Whoever are the ‘master builders’ and implementers of the economical, political and military policies rendered dominant through impositions on all the countries of the world and intensified with each passing day are again the real responsibles of these attacks.

The imperialist countries and the US, boasting as their leader, are reaping whatever seeds they have sown on all lands of the earth with this event that has taken place. The US itself being the target of the attack doesn’t change this fact; rather this reality also brings the US face to face with the inevitable outcome of the terrorism it has rendered dominant in the world striking the US itself. Is it not, for example, American imperialism that has created and used Usame Bin Ladin, the name most concentrated on as the person liable for the attacks? On the other hand, the explanations made by the US authorities – beginning with President George W. Bush – and those undertaking the duty of being the spokespeople of imperialists since the moment of the attacks are aiming to create the background for the elevation of imperialist aggression. A new framework, wherein opposing the monopolist, imperialist policies carried on in the name of the "New World Order" and "globalization" will be regarded as terrorism is being exposed.

The USA and the imperialist countries transforming the world, starting with the Middle East, into an arena of imperialist terror in the name of struggling with international terrorism cannot be accepted. The bill of violence, blackmail, threats and tension politics cannot be laid at the door of the peoples held under exploitation and oppression, beginning with the peoples of Arab Islamic world.

Today, as the case was yesterday, imperialist forces will want Turkey to be one of its foremost support bases of such an aggression. The state and government continuing their collaborator attitude regarding this issue will irrevocably drag our country into new catastrophes and perhaps into the horror of a new world war. Due to this fact, all open and secret agreements signed with the imperialists should immediately be annulled. Permission should not be given for the use of either the Incirlik Base (in Adana, south of Turkey) or the other US-NATO bases for the imperialist attacks and these bases should be closed.

A political attitude on the side of independence, brotherhood and peace should be taken against those forces dragging the world into the horror of conflicts and wars.


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