France Material

The "NO" Vote Has Won!, PCOF, 5/05

Le NON a gagné!, PCOF, 5/05, En Français

¡Ha Triunfado el NO!, PCOF, 5/05, En Español

Debt, Looting and Economic Subjugation in French-Speaking Africa, La Forge, 12/04

CPWF held its fifth congress, 11/02

PCOF a tenu son cinquième congrès, 11/02, En Français

No to the War in the Ivory Coast, PCOF, 10/02

Non à la guerre en Côte d’Ivoire, PCOF, 10/02, En Français

The Phenomenon of Le Pen, La Forge, 5/02

Fascisme et fascisation, La Forge, 5/02, En Français

Communiqué, PCOF, 9/01

Communiqué, PCOF. 9/01, En Français

The Paris Commune, La Forge, 3/98

80th Anniversary of the October Revolution, La Forge, 11/97

Support the Liberation of Congo-Zaire, La Forge, 5/97

All Together against the National Front, La Forge, 4/97

Polemic on Iraq, La Forge, 1/92

Poland, La Forge, 1/91

The Upheavals in the East, La Forge, 12/89

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